Rex Green pleads guilty to kidnapping partner at gunpoint

Newcastle courthouse.
Newcastle courthouse.

A MAN who kidnapped his ex-girlfriend at gunpoint called the woman 459 times from jail in less than two months to get her to drop the charges and threatened to have someone burn down her house if she didn’t, Newcastle Local Court has heard. 

Rex Vincent Ranger Green, 32, of Edgeworth, appeared in court via audio visual link from jail where he pleaded guilty to take or detain a person in company with intent to obtain advantage, use offensive weapon in company with intent to commit an indictable offence, assault occasioning actual bodily harm, acquiring a firearm subject to a firearm prohibition order and intending to pervert the course of justice.

According to a statement of agreed facts, Green’s partner decided to break up with him in January this year, but when she was picked up by her mother, Green tried to stop her from leaving. 

The victim stayed in emergency accommodation for a few days before staying with a friend at the Executive Villas at Jesmond. 

But Green tracked her down and on February 4 he armed himself with a handgun and recruited two other men to confront his ex about alleged infidelities. 

Green pushed his way inside her unit about 6am, assaulted a male friend she was with and pulled out a firearm, pointing it at his ex-partner’s head, facts state.

“You dirty s---,” Green told her. “You’re a junkie.

“You and your alcoholic mother ran over my foot the other day.

“You nearly ran over my head.”

Another woman, a friend of Green’s ex-girlfriend, walked into the unit and, after an argument between the pair, Green pressed the firearm against her forehead, threatened to shoot her and harm her family.

He then left with his ex and the man he’d assaulted, directing the man to drive to a house at Wallsend. 

Green was arrested when police responded to another domestic violence complaint on February 21. 

Between his arrest and April 18, Green called the victim 459 times from jail, a breach of the apprehended violence order that was in place, court documents state. In many of those calls he asked her to drop the AVO and the charges against him. 

On March 11, 2017, Green told the victim: “Go into the cop shop and retract that f---ing statement and I want proof that you retracted it.. I’m not copping six years over ya and if you think about not turning up to court and not retracting that statement, I’ll get the boys to come burn your house down, alright?”

After he apologised the next day he read out a summary of what the victim should tell the court to assist him. 

Green will appear in Newcastle District Court on September 21 to get a sentence date sometime next year.