Newcastle Herald Short Takes: Saturday, September 16, 2017

THE Newcastle East Residents Group business research showed only 13 out of the 111 small businesses researched would benefit from the Supercars. Pretty bias research if I do say so myself. How about an independent report, or are they afraid the truth will come out and many more will benefit?

Mark Creek, Adamstown

IN reference to the 'missing' Awabakal invoices (‘Lost invoices post a $72k question’, Herald, 15/9): I feel that we, as the biggest Aboriginal family in Newcastle, are being blamed. I am very disappointed with the last meeting because I believe my family was treated very badly. Things were brought up which had nothing to do with the land council. The meeting was not chaos, it was a disagreement in the voting. But no one listened to us. I think the NSWALC should do their job and get our local representative here to sort things out.

Jaye Quinlan, Carrington

WITH Hunter Street now partially closed, nobody should be surprised at the gridlock occurring. Perhaps some forward planning would have been appropriate. A park and ride option would reduce the number of cars entering the CBD. It isn’t too late to consider this. Motorists could park at McDonald Jones Stadium; District Park and Newcastle showground and a shuttle bus bring them into and take them out of the CBD.

Nigel Dale, Adamstown

IN reply to Eddie Niszczot (Letters, 13/9), perhaps we could have an inter code series of games. I suggest the Edgeworth Eagles could play Wests Rosellas and Lakes Seagulls, at the same time in the interest of fairness. And Weston Bears could take on the Maitland Pickers or Cessnock Goannas. As long as entry fees are reasonable, we may get a decent crowd.    

Ian Armstrong, Valentine

CATHY Morgan (Letters, 13/9) does not realise the major problem of second-hand smoke giving people cancers. It is my basic right to breathe fresh air. Cathy is lucky the government has not banned smoking. Another reason why I gave up driving cars is the toxic exhaust fumes also making us sick. Add to that the road deaths and trauma from cars and creating danger to pedestrians. Public transport and riding pushbikes are great solutions. And I am with a group that empowers people with many solutions to excuses to not riding a bike including finding safe back street routes and shortcuts.

Dan Endicott, Islington 

I DO not live in the East End and never have. Nevertheless I and virtually all my ‘Westie’ friends support the ‘East Enders’ to the hilt. The whole Supercars farrago is a disgrace, including most of the rubbish written in support. And yes, I have chosen to live right beside the bypass. The occasional hoon on the bypass is nothing compared to a stream of hoons right outside the front door. Let them hoon in their own environment, not a civilised inner-city precinct.

Geoff Hassall, Birmingham Gardens


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