Newcastle Herald Short Takes September 15 2017

The Newcastle East Residents Group business research showed only 13 out of the 111 small businesses researched would benefit from the Supercars event. A pretty biased type of research if I do say so myself. How about an independent report or are they afraid that the truth will come out and many more will benefit?

Mark Creek, Adamstown

PETER Dolan (Letters 14/9) claims only 123 out of 1763 wars of history were due to religious cause. So religion is a lesser evil, but an evil nevertheless! I'm being facetious of course, but let's consider World War I, the causes of which have been written about at great length. It was not a religious war but its religious combatants, from the common soldier to the King Emperor, never allowed religious reasons to prevent or end it. Tell me Peter, how many of those 1763 wars did religion fail to prevent?

Luke Taper, Georgetown

WITH Hunter Street now partially closed, nobody should be surprised at the gridlock now occurring. Perhaps some forward planning would have been appropriate. A park and ride option would reduce the number of cars entering the CBD. It isn’t too late to consider this option. Motorists could park at McDonald Jones Stadium, District Park and Newcastle Showground and a shuttle bus bring them into and take them out of the CBD.

Nigel Dale, Adamstown

A NATION of the Hindu religion wants a lamb ad withdrawn (“Indian government complains about Australian lamb ad”, 11/9). Australia was once renowned for its laidback easygoing ways and dry and satirical sense of humour with the ability to laugh at ourselves, but it appears now that we no longer can have our own identity without first ensuring that we aren’t stepping on any religious toes from a far-off country.

Allan Earl, Thornton

WITH these electricity companies offering discounts to their customers, some as much as 25 per cent, it shows me how much they are over-charging in the first place. But here is the rub: they give you two weeks to pay, and if you don’t pay inside that two weeks you lose your discount. Why don’t they give the customers extra time to pay so they can keep their discount?

Andy McFadden, Warners Bay

IN reply to a comment from former Catholic priest Professor Des Cahill: the Catholic Church is a powerful institution, but as a moral leader it is sadly diminished. Absolutely correct.

David Davies, Blackalls Park

TO John Keen, there's always a winner and a loser in rugby league. Unfortunately the few spectators that happen to watch a game are the losers, the hierarchy running the NRL couldn't run a pub chook raffle. They have crucified what was once a great game to watch.

Brad Hill, Singleton


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