UFO spotted in the sky near Cessnock

UFO: Strange triangular-shaped lights in the sky spotted south-west of Cessnock.
UFO: Strange triangular-shaped lights in the sky spotted south-west of Cessnock.

Dozens of unusual lights have been spotted in the night sky south-west of Cessnock and north towards Singleton.

An RSPCA inspector retrieves a possum from a car's suspension at Richmond Vale.

An RSPCA inspector retrieves a possum from a car's suspension at Richmond Vale.

The sighting has raised questions about whether the strange craft were UFOs, military drones or something else.

The man who spotted the lights captured them on video, which can be seen at theherald.com.au.

The video shows still and flashing lights on a craft. It appears to be moving around sharply, but the man attributes some of this movement to using the zoom lens on his camera.

The craft appears to have a triangular shape. The lights of the craft are coloured white and red in the video.

The man, who did not want to be named, first saw the lights while out on his deck, calling his dog in.

He lives in an area surrounded by bush and state forest in the Wollombi Valley.

“Looking to the north, I noticed three flashing lights coming towards me. We occasionally get helicopters or aeroplanes coming over, but this seemed quite odd because they were flying together,” he said.

“There was no sound whatsoever. Normally when an aeroplane or helicopter goes by, we can hear it – even in the house. These were quiet,” the man said.

In any case, they did not seem like conventional aircraft because “their movements were too flexible”.

“Their movements were quite erratic in that they moved towards us and then fairly quickly turned around and went back.

“All of a sudden one went to the left, the other to the right, and the third one kept coming our way. Before we knew it there were another dozen of these lights coming from over the horizon. And then perhaps another two dozen.

“Before we knew it, there would have been 40 to 50 of them, flying towards us. They were spread apart. I noticed most of them did a U-turn and went back again.

“I thought ‘this is strange, am I in a movie or something, like one of those attacks from Mars or something’.”

The Singleton Military Area is to the north of the man’s property, which was the direction from which the lights seemed to be coming.

A Department of Defence spokesman said Singleton barracks “didn’t have anything going on which they think could have been responsible”.

The man said the craft first appeared in the sky about 8pm on Thursday.

“Most had three or four flashing lights on them,” he said.

“They turned around and went back north. By 8.30pm, they were all gone and the sky was clear of these flashing lights.

“We came back inside because they kind of vanished.”

About 15 to 20 minutes later, he went back outside to have another look. The craft had returned.

He could see the craft for another half hour or so.

“Some went back and a few more came out and towards us,” he said.

Some time between 9pm to 9.30pm, the last of them had gone.

“At the very end, there was only one or two I could see doing this strange kind of loop,” he said.

“They were coming out from north to south, then they turned around and went back north again.

Did he think they were UFOS?

“The first thing my wife said was ‘they’re UFOs’, but I don’t really believe in UFOs,” he said.

“My guess is that they were drones. The army has drones. It was dark and high up and difficult to judge.”

He wondered if someone could help identify the craft.

“I’m curious because it’s an odd thing and I don’t have an explanation. I’m one of those people that likes to have an answer to these things,” the man said.

“Someone in the aeronautics industry might recognise the lights and know what kind of craft it is.”

If anyone else saw the lights or has another UFO story to share, let us know at topics@theherald.com.au.

Hello Possum

Check out this bloke on the side of the road at Richmond Vale during last Wednesday’s bush fire.

He hasn’t got a flat tyre. His name is Russell Jarman, he’s an RSPCA inspector and he’s looking for an animal.

Herald photographer Max Mason-Hubers captured the moment, amid the hurly-burly of the fire. Smoke can be seen in the background.

A ringtail possum ran under the white vehicle to escape the fire, Max said.

The vehicle belonged to a Channel 7 cameraman.

“He tried to get it out from under the car, but it didn’t want to leave,” Max said.

Later in the afternoon, two RSPCA guys happened to be in the area, looking for endangered animals and cattle.

The cameraman called them over, telling them he had a possum tucked up in his car’s suspension.

Russell, the aforementioned RSPCA inspector, got under the car , but the possum didn’t want to let go.

Eventually, the critter relented. It seemed unharmed, just a bit stressed out, Max said.