A ringtail possum saved in Richmond Vale bush fire

Check out this bloke on the side of the road at Richmond Vale during last Wednesday’s bush fire.

He hasn’t got a flat tyre. His name is Russell Jarman, he’s an RSPCA inspector and he’s looking for an animal.

Herald photographer Max Mason-Hubers captured the moment, amid the hurly-burly of the fire. Smoke can be seen in the background.

A ringtail possum ran under the white vehicle to escape the fire, Max said.

The vehicle belonged to a Channel 7 cameraman.

“He tried to get it out from under the car, but it didn’t want to leave,” Max said.

Later in the afternoon, two RSPCA guys happened to be in the area, looking for endangered animals and cattle.

The cameraman called them over, telling them he had a possum tucked up in his car’s suspension.

Russell, the aforementioned RSPCA inspector, got under the car, but the possum didn’t want to let go. 

Eventually, the critter relented. It seemed unharmed, just a bit stressed out, Max said.

The Horse Has Bolted

Also in Richmond Vale, Max captured a striking image of a horse breaking through a fence.

“I saw horses in a yard at the first place we stopped. Animals are always a great barometer for a situation,” Max said.

The horses seemed nervous, then a helicopter landed in a paddock next to the property.

As Max went to take a photo of the helicopter landing, he noticed the horse out of the corner of his eye.

“The horse completely panicked and busted straight through an electric fence and a wooden paling fence,” he said.

Another horse followed.

“Luckily there were other fences around and the owner was able to round them up pretty quickly. The pilot told her to evacuate, but she didn’t want to because she didn’t have a horse float.”