Who will dress up as Jetman and Jetgirl?

The Crew: Jetman hanging out with a gang of stormtroopers and a couple of Newcastle Jets. Soon, there will also be a Jetgirl.
The Crew: Jetman hanging out with a gang of stormtroopers and a couple of Newcastle Jets. Soon, there will also be a Jetgirl.

Topics wrote recently that the Newcastle Jets were doing their bit to fight sexism by creating a female mascot named Jetgirl.

With the Matildas wowing Newcastle with a 3-2 win over Brazil, we thought it was time to revisit the issue.

Glen Fredericks, of the Empire Coffee Co at Honeysuckle, agrees.

Glen is all for the idea of a female mascot.

“In fact, when they do come up with a costume, I’d like to be considered for the role of costume wearer,” Glen said.

Glen is known around town as a Star Wars fanatic. He’s well qualified to comment on costume-related matters.

“Having regularly worn stormtrooper, Jawa, Legoman and inflatable T-rex costumes, I think I’ve got plenty of experience to bring to the role,” Glen said.

Like many new-age guys, Glen is a fierce critic of sexism.

For a start, he likes Wonder Woman as much as Superman.

He also has a novel idea to tackle the sexism issue on a different level.

“Put a guy in the girl’s costume, and a girl in the guy’s costume and sexism can truly be defeated!”, he said.

So a female should dress as Jetman and a male as Jetgirl, gender-bender style.

Well actually, Glen suggests Jetwoman, rather than Jetgirl.

But that’s a whole other argument.

Meanwhile, Jets football operations manager Joel Griffiths tells Topics that Jetgirl is in production.

The club hopes she’ll be ready in time for the season opener, but it’ll probably be some time after that.

A Taxing Time

Doing your tax is taxing. 

All that number crunching, all that bean counting, all that thinking about your financial future.

The Urban Dictionary lists a few meanings of the word tax.

There’s this: “Legalised theft created by and used by the government, mostly used to pay for [things like] a bullshit war in Iraq”.

And this: “Tax means steal/nick. It originated from ‘the tax man’, after all he is the biggest thief of them all.” 

Topics was once told that the art of taxation consists of plucking a goose, with the aim of getting the most feathers with the least hissing.

The only thing certain in life, hey...

Gravy Train

And here’s an example of where your taxes are going.

A reader sent us a link to a job advertisement for a customer service job with Sydney Trains.

The job included “free travel on NSW government trains, buses and ferries”.

Sounds like the gravy train to us. 

A colliding particle accelerator

Speaking of trains, a story about the rezoning proposal for Newcastle's former rail corridor was posted on the Newcastle Echo’s Facebook page.

“It's time to have your say on proposed future uses of the rail corridor,” the post said.

A user calling himself Camp Juzzy had loads of ideas:  A drag strip, giant bowling alley, roller coaster or colliding particle accelerator.

Leah Fawthrop added: “Oh yay. Yet another opportunity to 'have my say'.

David Stuart Thompson said: “Some sort of public transport that could link us to Sydney would be awesome, but probs very costly to set up”.

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