Newcastle Herald Short Takes September 21 2017

MALCOLM the electrician. Can he fix it? Malcolm the electrician. Yes he … well, maybe he can't.

Peter Moylan, Glendale

THE owners and ALL levels of government should hang their heads in shame.  After the recent fire at the old Newcastle Post office, no one has even bothered to clean up the heap of burnt clothes and bedding from the verandah.  There is currently a lot of money being spent to showcase Newcastle to the world in November. Let us hope that they don’t show this bit.

Peter Shaddock, Newcastle East

THE world we live in is encapsulated in the use-by date on a carton of milk. It says where we are heading as a society that 90 per cent of people will use that milk to make a coffee before midnight, and then come the next morning the same milk has miraculously gone off. You have to wonder where we are heading as a human race.

Brad Hill, Singleton

PEDANTIC? Maybe. How, though, will younger generations ever learn to converse correctly when those who should don't?  Down to the last four in the NRL competition, the remaining matches are two semi-finals and a final – not preliminary finals and a grand-final. This is not their time or place.

Ron Elphick, Buff Point

AM I the only person to see two major ironies in Donald Trump’s speech to the United Nations?  The President of the United States, the only country to have used two atomic bombs in war, lecturing other nations on their right to own these weapons of mass destruction. The second is Trump telling all the countries that their only priority should be what is best for their own country when addressing the “United” Nations. Perhaps it should change its name to “Every country for itself”.

Joan Lambert, Adamstown 

IF you don't like same sex marriage don't marry someone of the same sex. But please allow me the right to marry my same sex partner of 27 years. 

Andrew Whitbread-Brown, Cardiff Hights

REGARDING the same sex marriage issue, there has been little talk about the economic value in a "yes" result. Couples who have been married overseas will now remarry in Australia and along with new married couples will give the hospitality industry an enormous boost. Millions of dollars will be spent on weddings, clothing, travel and accommodation. All of this will have a knock-on effect nationally.

Neil Meyers, Warners Bay

FOOTY players lay off the grog until after the grand final, believing it may give them the edge. With this belief just imagine how well they could have played if stayed off the grog for the whole season. It just goes to show a drinking culture, is considered normal, or accepted as part of the game, and to have a temporary lay-off is a really big thing. These people are expected to be role models for aspiring talent, but maybe their ability to give good example is temporary too.

Carl Stevenson, Dora Creek 


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