Holey Moley Golf Club opens at Charlestown Square on Friday, September 22

When we think of golf, we think of frustrated golfers hurling golf clubs in frustration.

We know young Harry Preece would never do this. Harry’s a bit of a golf prodigy.

The 7-year-old has been wowing the golfing fraternity with his golfing prowess.

Of course, we want to keep the young lad’s feet on the ground, so we better not talk him up too much.

But we couldn’t help but notice when the boy was called in to endorse the new Holey Moley Golf Club at Charlestown Square, which opens on Friday.

Seven years old and he already has an endorsement. Not bad, hey?

Nike will be calling next.

Harry, of Greta, said it was “fun to play new mini-golf courses because they are challenging”.

“I also like that we can play mini-golf as a family,” the youngster said.

“The name makes it sound like a very fun place.”

Topics agrees. The name attracted us. Smart marketing, that.

Plus, we like this call to arms from the Holey Moley crew.

“People of the Hunter Region, the time is nigh... colour, craziness and chaos is about to arrive, and in such good fun.

“It’s mind-blowing leisure-tainment – a cocktail bar, mini-golf course, work of art, retro and social commentary and all-out cool hub rolled into one brilliant venue.”

As for Harry, we asked if he had any tips for frustrated golfers and their tendency to hurl clubs.

“You need to find a delete button,” he said.

“My dad tells me I can think about a bad shot until I come to the next sprinkler head. Then I step on the sprinkler head and delete the bad shot from my memory.

“Also happy golfers play good golf, sad golfers play bad golf.”

Good advice, that.

Fun Factory

Michael Schreiber is in the fun business.

Michael Schreiber likes to have fun. He also likes others to have fun.

Michael Schreiber likes to have fun. He also likes others to have fun.

His company Funlab operates bowling alleys, indoor trampoline parks, escape rooms and mini-golf.

Funlab will run the aforementioned Holey Moley Golf Club at Charlestown Square.

“Funlab is dedicated to creating spaces where people can experience fun at the next level. It’s about wowing people of all ages,” Michael said.

“We’re in the business of making sure people have a good time and enjoy themselves. A little bit of escapism, no matter what age.

“The older you get, the more important it is to have fun. It’s that little break from the everyday.”

Michael said a lot of Funlab’s operations were the “antithesis to the rise of technology and how people are socialising”.

“We’re that place where you can come meet in real life and have real-life experiences,” he said.

“And we find that there’s a lot of demand because of the isolation around technology. People really crave that visceral experience where they can see other people and interact.

“As much as we’re in the fun business, we’re also in the business of socialising.”

He described the Holey Moley concept as “a social experience”.

“We’ve taken mini-golf and reinvented it. The game plays very different. The way the holes look is very different.

“There’s a lot of pop culture references and big licks of nostalgia. People will see things from their childhood.”

The 18 holes have themes like The Simpsons, Pacman, Game of Thrones, Willy Wonka, The Big Lebowski, Mouse Trap, Alice in Wonderland, Ghost Train and Christmas.

Alcohol is served at the Caddyshack bar, while DJs spin tracks. You can also grab a bite to eat. Pizza anyone?

“The first putt is the deepest, and it’s only the beginning of the rabbit hole,” the Holey Moley crew said, channelling Alice in Wonderland.

Opening Hours are Monday to Sunday, 10am until late. Cost is $12 a person for 9 holes or $20 for 18 holes. 

Book your tee time online at holeymoley.com.au.

A Golf Gag

Why do golfers always carry a spare pair of trousers with them?

In case they get a hole in one.

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