Newcastle Herald letters to the editor September 25 2017

ON TRACK: Peter O’Neill says the work to build Newcastle's Supercars track is beginning to pay off and both sides of the debate should unite for the city's sake.
ON TRACK: Peter O’Neill says the work to build Newcastle's Supercars track is beginning to pay off and both sides of the debate should unite for the city's sake.

Awesome! That's how I describe the new Supercar race track that’s close to completion. I walked the majority of the track last week, I'm no expert in track design or race car driving but I have been to seven of the current race tracks that hold Supercar races and the Newcastle track is unique in many ways. I believe the drivers will be amazed and very impressed with this track. It will put Newcastle on the map as having one of best race tracks in Australia.

Yes, it does have its issues as it goes through a residential and commercial area but enough has been said on this. The only suggestion I have is that Supercars, Newcastle Council or Destination NSW provide a facility away from the track that the residents affected can attend over the three days. This facility would be a hall or pavilion that would have comfy chairs, televisions, free food and drinks and basic medical facilities for the elderly. A free shuttle bus would be provided at the beginning and end of the three days racing.

The bitterness of some residents of Newcastle East and arrogance of some Supercar supporters needs to stop. It's time we all become very proud of our city and support any event that promotes it.

Peter O’Neill, Warabrook


History offers real lessons for Supercars regarding access for residents to their inner city homes, even in the aftermath of the Newcastle's earthquake. 

Roadblocks were made at Parkway Avenue and Darby Street as well as other locations but residents simply had to show their driver’s licence.Why is Supercars insisting on residents getting accreditation for access? Haven't we all got the right to access our own homes? Showing a driver’s licence worked in 1989!

Marilyn Eade, Cooks Hill


The question demanding an answer is how things will change within the Catholic Church because of a five-year study into reasons for widespread sexual abuse of children?

I believe the main reason why there has been rampant child sex abuse within the Church is because of the power priests (and teaching brothers) hold. They are kings of their parishes, and can do whatever they like. Tragically we now know vast numbers have.  

Will the Church be different in five, 10, 15 years’ time? I doubt it. Let us hope that ordinary every day people will demand safeguards be put in place to protect children. 

Julie Robinson, Cardiff


I ask in all seriousness, how many weeks does it take to replace a bus stop?

On 9 August 2017 I lodged a request to replace a missing bus stop sign on Warners Bay Road, Mount Hutton with Newcastle Transport through the Transport for NSW feedback page online. 

The following day I received an email response from Newcastle Transport which read "Thank you for contacting us, the information you have supplied is very important to us, the feedback will be passed onto our contractor to have the stop rehoused." 

Over six weeks later this bus stop has not been replaced. My mother was recently injured at work and was hospitalised for a number of weeks and underwent four surgeries. As my mother does not drive she relies heavily on public transport and without this bus stop she is required to walk further along Warners Bay Road to the next bus stop. 

Members of the Mount Hutton community who live on Auklet Road and Kestrel Avenue including school children, the elderly and commuters use this stop on a daily basis. Similar requests under Newcastle Buses did not take anywhere near this long to be rectified.

The NSW Government promised us improved services under the new private operator however I am yet to see any benefits. 

Matthew McMullen, Mount Hutton

Focus on the victims

THANKS Julie Robinson (Letters, 20/9) for exposing the lack of insight by those who were employed by the Catholic Church into (theoretically) discovering how a global child sexual abuse tragedy occurred. 

I attended at least two thirds of the Royal Commission into child sexual abuse and noticed Justice McClellan was very intent on finding out why it happened. For those of us who have seen the devastation of this curse it would be more appropriate to spend parishioner and taxpayers’ money on supporting victims and fixing the problem. 

It was not that hard to work out why this happened, and the whole outcome so far has been less than satisfactory considering victims are still being traumatised by the process of redress or lack thereof. I attended Lina's Project at the City Hall last Friday which is a request from a victim, "where the diocese needs to ask forgiveness for the harm suffered through abuse and the cover up". I am a destroyed Christian and will be anxious to hear the result of this and other proposed events. The finger food was delicious and the venue equally as pleasing. 

I felt guilty knowing many victims will never experience an evening out like that.

Pat Garnet, Newcastle East

Blame rests with power

WHY should we blame AGL for the problems with the Liddell Power Station?

Our esteemed state government who built the station during the 1970s was well aware that the station’s end of life would extend only until about 2022.

Likewise with the sell off of Vales Point, Eraring and Bayswater all of which will be turned off by 2035, or in seven years. Given that it takes 10 years to build a Bayswater-sized power station someone will need to make a decision soon.

All of these facts were known by our esteemed state government before they sold the assets off to build roads in the Sydney basin. But, irrespective of the party in power then, if you live north of the Hawkesbury or south of the Cooks River no-one cares.

I was involved in the detailed design, manufacture and installation of power stations in NSW, Victoria and South Australia for more than 20 years.

I know that it will take seven to 10 years to build another Bayswater and that it will cost about $1 billion a unit. So when we look for someone to blame when the lights go out don't look any further the NSW government in Macquarie Street. Irrespective of party, they are pathetic.

Bob Kear, Charlestown


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