Nitro Circus will perform in Newcastle on March 17 - tickets go on sale on October 15

Travis Pastrana loves to push himself to the limit.

Sometimes, in moments of wild freedom, he’ll push himself beyond his limits.

“Pushing the limit is something that I've always enjoyed. When someone says it can't be done, I think ‘why not?’,” he said.

Travis, 33, will lead Nitro Circus Live, a thrilling event to be held in Newcastle in March.

He’ll be riding with the Nitro crew, but he’ll also produce the live event for the first time.

Travis Pastrana does a double backflip.

As a 19-year-old, Travis started Nitro Circus with his mate Gregg Godfrey.

We asked Travis to describe Nitro Circus in one line.

His response: “A group of friends who push the limits of possibility”.

There it is again. That concept of pushing limits.

But how do you know where the limit is?

“I usually have an overconfidence in my abilities. You have to push past the limit before you realise how far you can go.

“As your skills improve and the ramps get bigger, the limit continually moves.”

And the ramp will get bigger.

This show will feature the 15-metre high “Nitro Giganta Ramp” and the “FMX Big Air Ramp”, which hurls riders 20 metres into the air.

Travis Pastrana jumps out of a plane without a parachute.

So what it does it take to be a rider/skater in Nitro Circus?

“You have to be the best in the world at what you do or you have to be willing to do something that no one else is willing to do,” Travis replied.

He lives by this motto: “I’d rather try and fail, than fail to try”.

This doesn’t mean he’s fearless.

“Fear is what keeps you alive. Without fear, you would always be injured,” he said.

Preparation is crucial.

“The more prepared you are, the crazier stunts you can do with the least amount of risk,” he said.

Travis admits that he sometimes gets tired of being hurt.

“But you never get tired of riding and flying through the air,” he said.

The world’s first FMX triple flip.

Getting on a motorbike, he said, was “pure freedom”.

“You twist your right wrist and you can be going as fast as you can handle and fly as high as your willing,” he said.

Travis first started riding motorbikes when he was four.

The feeling he has now from riding bikes remains similar to his younger years.

“It’s exactly the same feeling. The only difference is that it takes bigger and bigger jumps and faster and faster speeds to get the same feeling,” he said.

The event, known as The Next Level Tour, will be held at McDonald Jones Stadium on Saturday, March 17.

It’ll feature the best athletes in FMX [Freestyle Motocross], BMX, scooter and inline skating.

Tickets go on sale at 9am on Sunday, October 15 at