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Soap dispenser to phone charging station

  1. Rinse out an empty hand soap dispenser and remove the lid.
  2. Use a marker to trace a circle near the taper of the bottle the size of your phone charger’s cable where it attaches to the wall socket.
  3. Sketch a second line around 0.5 centimeters above the circle and around the top of the bottle.
  4. Cut along the line and remove the centre of the centre of the circle.
  5. Fit your charging cable through the front of the loop and into the wall socket.

Plastic bottle becomes a watering can

  1. Rinse out a large plastic bottle with warm water.
  2. Use a push pin to make several holes in the bottle cap.
  3. Fill the bottle with water and refit the cap firmly.

Plastic bottle transformed into self-watering potted plant

  1. Take a 1.25 litre plastic bottle and make an incision near where the plastic tapers towards the cap.
  2. Remove the top part of the bottle.
  3. Remove the cap and make a small hole in the centre.
  4. Thread wool or baling twine through the hole and replace the cap on the top part of the bottle.
  5. Fill the bottom part of the bottle with water.
  6. Fit the tapered end of the top part of the bottle into the bottom part of the bottle ensuring that the thread is saturated.
  7. Fill the top part of the bottle with potting mix.
  8. Install a plant in the soil and add a small amount of water.


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