Two men injured in Coulson Avenue Cessnock after meat cleaver allegedly used in fight

It started with a quad bike riding over someone‚Äôs front lawn, and ended in a fight with a meat cleaver allegedly used as a weapon.

Both men were seriously injured after the altercation in Cessnock, which occurred about 10.30pm Friday.

A 34-year-old man rode the quad bike across a Coulson Avenue yard, which prompted the resident to yell abuse and allegedly arm himself with a meat cleaver.

Police said a fight ensued after he approached the rider, which resulted in the two men crashing through a fence.

During the tussle, the quad bike rider sustained deep lacerations to his chin, thumb and arm as well as other minor injuries.

The other man suffered a serious laceration to his neck, which required hospitalisation. Police believe the injury was suffered as a result of the meat cleaver.

The man was taken to Maitland Hospital, then transferred to John Hunter. Police said the man later refused treatment and discharged himself before stitched could be applied.

Police are still investigating the matter and expect to make charges.

This story The fight, the quad bike and the meat cleaver first appeared on The Maitland Mercury.