Business feature: Home Care Assistance

Quality: The right care can have a significantly positive impact on a persons later years and quality of life at home.
Quality: The right care can have a significantly positive impact on a persons later years and quality of life at home.

Ageing can be a daunting prospect both for those growing older and the family standing by. While the pressures of life and work can limit the time that family members have to care for ageing relatives, residential care isn’t always a welcomed choice. Mark and Kerrie Burns of Home Care Assistance (HCA) in Newcastle have first hand experience of the emotional and physical pull of needing more time to dedicate to elderly parents.

“Our loved ones never reconciled to moving into residential care.  The family was burning out and simply couldn’t keep going.  At that time we just didn’t know that finding support for people to stay at home was an option,” begins Kerrie.

When they did connect with others who had used the service of home care providers, they weren’t convinced.

“The more that we talked to people, the more disappointing stories emerged  of carers that didn’t listen and often didn’t deliver the right services.”

The solution was to open a business of their own that would deliver the kind of care that they believed everyone that is ageing deserves.

“We decided to start a local business that would  deliver individual, respectful, high quality care that enriches people’s lives,” continues Mark.

HCA provides both government funded Home Care Packages as well as private services. The values of the company are based on Mark and Kerries’ belief that providing consistency of care, employing passionate carers and equipping them to provide a quality service can enhance the later years of life rather than diminish them.

“Clients are matched carefully with a carer to suits their needs, if we can find a match in hobbies or interests that’s ideal. We then clients  the peace of mind that that same carer will visit their home every time, says Mark.

“We believe in having the same carers come each time, it enables relationships to flourish and benefits everyone,” he adds.

Clients have control of who comes into their home and when and a care plan is mapped out to ensure that expectations are always met.

By paying employees above award rates HCA attracts the best qualified and compassionate carers in the market. After all necessary checks are undertaken, prospective employees are required to sit a psyche test to gauge how well they will fit with the company culture and demands of the job.

“We are very selective about the people we hire and provide the best working conditions possible. Carers enjoy being able to build rapport with clients and deliver a quality service that truly makes a difference,”says Mark.

HCA provide personal care, domestic assistance, social support, transport, medication prompts and specialist cognitive support for people living with dementia.