Wade Still jailed for attacking, threatening two paramedics at Belmont

A MAN who attacked and threatened two paramedics who were trying to take his heavily pregnant partner to hospital has been jailed for a maximum of 14 months in Newcastle Local Court.

Wade Still, now 23, of Belstone Avenue, Belmont, was under the influence of ice when he returned home about 1.40am on April 2 this year to find two paramedics treating his partner in the rear of an ambulance.

“Your partner, who was heavily pregnant, didn't want you to go [to hospital] because as she said: "Look at the state that you're in",” Magistrate Robert Stone told Still in court on Thursday. 

“And you didn't listen.

“And here you've got ambulance officers that were trying to help your partner in a very serious stage of her pregnancy, she was about to just give birth. “And you carried on like this.

“You should be very appalled and embarrassed with your behaviour.”

Still, who appeared in court via audio visual link from John Morony Correctional Complex, was due to face a hearing last month, but pleaded guilty to six charges, including obstruct or hinder an ambulance officer by act of violence, obstruct or hinder an ambulance officer and assaulting police. 

Still was “highly aggressive” and affected by ice when he returned home and began yelling at his pregnant partner: “Why do I f---ing care”. “I’m just going to f---ing bed”, according to a statement of police facts. 

Still then yelled at one of the paramedics to “get out of the f---ing way or I’ll smash your face in”, before turning on the other paramedic, who was sitting in the side doorway of the ambulance.

Still yelled: “Get out of the f---ing ambulance. “Get out or I’m going to smash you”, before grabbing the paramedic by the shirt and yelling “I’m going to smash you”, according to a statement of police facts.  

The paramedics pulled free from Still’s grip and slammed the door shut, fleeing with the heavily pregnant woman as Still repeatedly kicked the side of the ambulance. 

When police came to arrest him, Still assaulted an officer, throwing a number of punches and had to be wrestled to the ground by four police officers. 

Mr Stone told Still the most serious offence he faced, that of obstructing an ambulance officer with an act of violence, carried a maximum of five years in jail. 

“It is there to show how serious it is and also to impose penalties that reflect the court's duty to try and protect paramedics and ambulance officers who are going about trying to do a job, more often than not to help people,” Mr Stone said.  

Mr Stone ordered Still serve a non-parole period of eight months. 

He will be eligible for release in December. 

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