Old folks have lots to give

Attention all oldies.

Is it wrong to call you oldies? How about golden oldies?

Firstly, let us say that older folks should be respected. They have a lot of wisdom, experience and know-how.

They shouldn’t be tossed on the scrapheap. They have lots to give.

Newcastle production company Rollingball knows this. It recently produced a TV commercial for an aged-care service.

The production was done in the Newcastle area with local crew and locations, Rollingball producer and co-managing director April Howard said.

“Our scriptwriter and director Paul Donnelly cast talent in their 70s and 80s from across Australia, and our art director Lainey Donnelly built amazing sets and scenes for our loveable characters.

“Newcastle has always been a creative hub, but it seems to be gaining momentum and we’re proud to be an active part of that.”

April added that “we’re lucky to call Newcastle home”.

Topics couldn’t have put it better.

Out of Order

Nowadays, most people won’t go anywhere without their mobile phone. It’s become an extension of our bodies, an appendage. 

In some cases, though, mobile phones aren’t only needed to satisfy an addiction. They’re a necessity. 

Take this sign that was sticky-taped to the lift in a Newcastle office building.

It urged people to have their mobile phones on them, in case the lift became stuck.

The lift’s emergency phone was out of action “due to the NBN [National Broadband Network] changeover”.


Topics wrote on Saturday about litterbugs. We questioned whether Australia should go down the path of introducing tougher litter laws, like in Singapore.

In an online poll of about 200 punters on the Herald’s website, 86 per cent reckoned tougher litter laws were the way to go.

Guess that shows loads of people are sick of grubs treating our country like a garbage tip.

Lara-Jade Kristensen said on the Herald’s Facebook page that litterbugs should be named and shamed on large posters, with the word “tosser” above their photos.

Reader Mark Bowen is among us humans who’d like to move about town, without seeing rubbish in the streets.

“I witnessed a couple both drinking coffee and sucking on gaspers at Bar Beach, admiring the view,” Mark said, adding they appeared to be in their 30s.

“They both discarded the butts and cups on the ground. As they moved past my car, the man said ‘it’s bloody beautiful here, love’.”

“We’re a weird bunch,” Mark said, referring to the human race generally.

That we are.