Col Hatchman will drum up a storm with Hunter students

Drumbeats: Hunter students Caitlin Newall and Emma Ross, with Col Hatchman. Picture: Marina Neil.
Drumbeats: Hunter students Caitlin Newall and Emma Ross, with Col Hatchman. Picture: Marina Neil.

The drums may well be mankind’s oldest instrument.

And drumming is surely the first musical instinct we have as infants, although head-nodding might just challenge this notion.

Rhythmic drumming speaks to the soul. It takes us back to our African roots. We all have ‘em somewhere deep in our genetic code, don’t we?

That is, if we go back in time to the dawn of humanity.

Long after this time came the Screaming Jets – an iconic Newcastle band and a seminal moment on the evolutionary timeline.

Col Hatchman had a stint as Jets’ drummer in the early 2000s.

He’s also known for holding a Guinness World Record for being the loudest drummer.

He broke this record during a gig with the Dirty Skanks at the Northern Star Hotel in Hamilton in August 2006.

A noise-level meter recorded Hatchman hitting the skins at 137.2 decibels.

To put that in perspective, a jet engine from 30 metres away is 140 decibels.

Topics is glad we weren’t in the audience that day. We don’t like bleeding ears.

These days, Hatchman is running Drum Corp – a company that teaches music in schools.

The company develops programs for “sparking the musical imaginations and invoking passions for musical artistry within the young girls and boys of our planet”.

That’s a planet we definitely want to be on.

Drum Corp will hold a Super Jam at Event Cinemas at Kotara on October 31. It’ll feature 150 schoolkids drumming themselves into a trance.

Imagine That

Speaking of music and the imagination, Topics was in the crowd at the Hordern Pavilion in Sydney last Friday to see a band called At the Drive-In.

“How many of us allow those around us to steal our imagination. Don’t let ‘em steal your imagination,” the band’s frontman Cedric Bixler-Zavala said.

You tell ‘em, Cedric.

Also at the gig, we noticed two coppers doing walk-throughs. We hadn’t seen this at a gig before.

Perhaps that’s a consequence of the massacre at the Eagles of Death Metal concert at the Bataclan theatre in Paris.

Malevolent Aliens

Edgeworth’s Gary Lawless read with interest Topics readers’ observations about UFOs.

Gary was particularly interested in the comments of Mark Rzuchovsky, who said most people had encountered or been abducted by “malevolent aliens”, but they “clear our memories from the ordeal”.

Gary said this would explain the many instances of memory loss “after a night at the local watering hole and why an explanation to the wife is rarely believed”.

“An extraterrestrial influence would explain a lot, as things happen in my life that I have no explanation for and can only be attributed to evil alien interference,” he said.

This included “my continual failure to win Lotto; my bad back; why my lawn always needs mowing when I don’t even water it; why the pay TV satellite always goes down halfway through a much-anticipated program; and a particularly nasty one – my male-pattern baldness”.

“In the meantime, I shall load my shotgun and keep a sharp eye out for lights in the night sky,” he said.

“Just let them try and abduct me again. Revenge is sweet.”