Another Way, Trajectory Triple Bill

Another Way

PEOPLE  often give a label to others they know or encounter, but those labels are frequently wrong. A team of actors and director Lizzie Doyle have put together an hour-long play, Another Way, which explores the concept of labelling. The series of scenes, including some in video projections, have come from personal stories and the ideas that often arise from terms used to define sexuality, gender and mental health. The show is about the fact that we’re all wired differently, and what is presented as the “normal” state of being is in fact alien from most of our inner worlds. Another Way, with Allison Van Gaal, Matthew Heys, Mike Peters, Emily Lloyd, Rebekah Parkes and Sam Lawrence, premieres at Newcastle’s Royal Exchange, with 8pm shows on October 13 and 14. Bookings: 4929 4969.


ALLISON Van Gaal and Matthew Heys also worked together on Welcome, a 25-minute play written and directed by Van Gaal that was part of the Trajectory Triple Bill in the Crack Theatre Festival on September 30 and October 1. Welcome’s central character was a boy who suffered from ADHD, with his mother trying to aid him while others made jokes and puzzled comments. Van Gaal and the six actors made excellent use of brightly coloured helmets. The other short works in the trilogy, Alexandra Travers’ Sleep, Perchance to Dream, with the actor offering a different view of Hamlet’s Ophelia, and Stephanie Rochet’s Amour, with Rochet using live mobile phone images to converse with a man in Chile, were also effective.