Green Guide letters: readers have their say

A night of laughs

I strongly agree with Craig Mathieson's review of Get Krack!n on ABC (GG, 21/9). It joins a series of outstanding, original comedies that would stand up to any world comparison. The fact the two Kates wrote and produced the show is of great credit to them. But my bet is that - because it's a satire of puerile commercial morning television, which some see only at the dentist - they will be overlooked for TV awards. Wednesday night with Tom, Will, Utopia and now the Kates makes life worthwhile.

Graeme Lee, Fitzroy

Head in a box

It looks like Gogglebox (Foxtel/Ten) is back - but why? Another show I won't be watching. Was there once a radio show where people listened to other people listening to the radio? It's that stupid.

Dennis Fitzgerald, Box Hill

River Cottage blues

I'm so sad the repeats of River Cottage Australia (Lifestyle Food) are drawing to an end. I've loved every minute of such an informative, community minded, heartfelt, happy, warm and positive series. Paul West had a lovely manner and an endearing, compassionate personality. Here's hoping we see another series showcasing his next adventure. PS love the recipes and cooking demos too and, of course, Digger Dog.

Deb Hunt, Moonah, Tasmania

Superhuman feats

While I'm enjoying Fearless (ABC), I feel it's stretching credibility. We are asked to believe that Emma Banville, crusading lawyer extraordinaire, can shelter a Syrian terror suspect, defend an accused murderer, and apply to adopt a child - and all this simultaneously, while surviving only on whiskey and cigars. Really?

Helen Scheller, Benalla

Lesson from a great

Richmond great Michael Roach was a guest on The Marngrook Footy Show (NITV) last Thursday evening. What a lesson he gave us: when asked about his goal-kicking prowess, he attributed it to hard work, saying that he used to practise for up to 100 hours per week. As a long-time teacher and Tiger supporter, I loved it.

Betty Rudin, Wandin North

Sidelined no longer

I know very little about sport and I care even less, but oh, that funny, informative, lively hour of fun, Sideliners (ABC). Not just another "blokey panel", not a facelift among them, and no sport scandals revealed! And hey, the anchor is a woman - a mature one at that. A koala stamp to you all.

Myra Fisher, Brighton East

A glorious antidote

Fresh, funny and entertaining, Sideliners is the sports round up I've dreamed of watching. Nicola Livingstone and her co-hosts are articulate and knowledgeable. What a glorious antidote to the usual male-dominated programs, proving that women as sports commentators have been too long neglected.

Helen Scheller, Benalla

Mere toy boys

Loving Sophie Monk as The Bachelorette (Ten). What a delightful breath of fresh bogan air! Sophie, a lass of more mature years, wants a husband and kids. Why, therefore, are so many of the bachelors nothing more than toy boys, or, at a stretch, simply eye candy?

Anne Young, Sunbury

Good cop, bad cop

Isn't it great to have Bosch (SBS) back as grumpy as ever - modern day Javert, no less. A good guy that's become a bad guy who videos and bugs a suspect who just might have killed his mother? Who knows? It's policing on the edge and Bosch is his own worst enemy. Brilliant television.

Brian Noble, Ferntree Gully

No more sunny LA

I am disappointed in the latest series of Bosch now showing on SBS. Although it has the same talented cast as the previous two series and a script based on Michael Connelly's books, it has lost its direction. In the previous series the ambience of Los Angeles was a key element; in this series there is less of sunny Los Angeles and more gloomy interiors and muted outdoors. It could have been set in London or Malmo.

Ken Endacott, Hawthorn

Too amped

I agree with Eric Peterson (GG 28/9) regarding background noise from ABC TV and radio. Program promotions have become particularly noisy and unnecessary. Even Landline has succumbed to using background noise to augment its stories. What next: jaunty jingles accompanying the news service? Please, ABC, stop aping the commercial media.

Len Warfe, Dromana

Best yet

The final episode of Thirteen on ABC was an agonising watch. While challenging to sit through on an emotional level, the brilliant acting made it a mind-blowing experience. Best BBC serial yet.

Pamela Pilgrim, Highett

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