Man tasered twice and allegedly tries to set beagle dog on police in Rutherford

A man had to be tasered twice and even allegedly encouraged his beagle dog to attack police in a bizarre domestic incident in Rutherford on Monday night.

Andrew Haddad, 33, pleaded guilty to assault occasioning actual bodily harm, resisting arrest,  assaulting police, breaching an AVO and fare evasion after the incident at a Second Avenue home.

It started when police were called out to reports of a man allegedly pushing a woman to the ground, dragging her by the feet and locking her outside of her home.

Mr Haddad had been living in a garage at the rear of the property, and was asked to leave by the woman after the pair broke up.

Police officers told him to open the door, before they were abused and threatened.

After gaining access to the house, police said Mr Haddad tried to set a Beagle on them, saying “get ‘em, bite ‘em”.

Police attempted to arrest him, but he violently resisted by throwing his arms around, kicking police and trying to grab their weapons.

Officers then used a taser on Mr Haddad, which knocked him to the ground. Police grabbed him but he resisted again.

A taser was used a second time, and police were then able to make the arrest.

The 33-year-old was treated by NSW Ambulance officers at the scene, who were also allegedly abused by Mr Haddad.

Due to repairs being completed at Maitland Police Station, Mr Haddad was taken to the station at Raymond Terrace, where he was charged and granted bail. 

Police said after he was released, Mr Haddad caught a taxi back to Rutherford – racking up a $72 fare which he fled without paying.

Police attended the same Second Avenue home the next day about 11am, where they arrested Mr Haddad.

He received a two-year good behaviour bond, $750 in fines and was ordered to pay the cab fare.

This story Taser and the beagle first appeared on The Maitland Mercury.