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WORKING: breakthru has been assisting jobseekers and employers match talents for 25 years.
WORKING: breakthru has been assisting jobseekers and employers match talents for 25 years.

breakthru is Australia’s premier diversity recruiter.

With 1,500 job-ready candidates and 200 available jobs, breakthru can assist both employers and job seekers. They specialise in preparing people for work, helping them find a great job in a fantastic business, and then providing ongoing supports to ensure they maximise their work efforts every day.

breakthru has been providing these services for 25 years, and has built a strong reputation for supporting employers to find the right talent. They work together with employers from various industries and sectors, to place the best person for the right job and provide on-the-job support, every time.

“Employing a person with disability is a smart business decision. Evidence suggests that just some of the many benefits include increased inclusivity, diversity, and productivity in the workplace,” breakthru CEO Michelle Piccolo said.

“It also promotes a better understanding of disability within your workforce and the community. Your employees will likely learn a lot about problem-solving, creativity and perseverance from their colleagues with disability.” 

Organisations have realised the value that is created, both commercially and in the workforce profile, when a person with disability gets a job. With the likes of 3M, Pepsico and AT&T; all have experienced the value created through disability employment. By being proactive, your organisation could soon be enjoying all the benefits that come with hiring a person with disability too.

“We’re incredibly proud to have a devoted team of staff who wake up every day motivated to help our customers – ready to go above and beyond to support them on their employment journey. That’s the real success story behind breakthru,” Ms Piccolo said.

breakthru staff are available to assist local employers in the Newcastle region to find the right candidate to fill their next vacancy. They can also help Newcastle residents to prepare for a job, find a job and then keep it.

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