Snake slithers in Marketown Shopping Centre Newcastle | video

A snake gave shoppers a bit of a shock in the Marketown Shopping Centre car park in Newcastle West.

Mishka Minacova posted a video, with the comment “there are no snakes in the city, they said” and the hashtags #snakeinthecarpark #snakeintheshoppingmall #onlyinaustralia.

“My boyfriend and I were just going to the gym in Marketown and he spotted it while we were turning to get the park,” Mishka said.

They called security and waved down traffic as the snake slithered across the car park floor.

RBT, Traffic & Community Updates - Australia shared the video, adding “You saw Snakes on a Plane [and] Snakes on a Train, now we bring you snakes in a car park”.

Evan Regan added: “This is where I work and I know it was safely caught and relocated down the bush. It was a beautiful diamond python”.