Newcastle Herald Short Takes: Wednesday, October 11, 2017

DID any of the protesters consider the $60 million-plus Indian poor who will have electricity for the first time thanks to the mine (‘Stop Adani’, Herald, 9/10).

John Williams, Tea Gardens

SO now Supercars organisers are covering themselves in case the race doesn't bring in all the predicted money, by telling hotels to lower prices.

Sue Fower, Waratah

TO Colin Geatches (Short Takes, 7/10): I did not refer to all Centrelink recipients as bludgers, but there are many who choose not to work and expect a free ride. The restaurant next to our butchery has a sign which is displayed daily for waiters and kitchen hands, whilst across the road we watch the same leaches attend job link with no intention of working. Colin, I call what I see and will always air my thoughts on useless bludgers. Good luck to your kids.

Steve Barnett, Fingal Bay

THANK you for the wonderful story about the Boldyrew brothers ('Two Brothers Finally Meet', Herald, 10/10): pretty sure I've got something in my eye after reading that! More feel-good stories, please.

Suze Miceli, Mayfield

IT is obvious to me Richard Ryan is not a historian otherwise he would be aware of a terrorist attack on January 1, 1915. Two Muslims, believed to be of Turkish descent, carried out a attack on a picnic train returning to Broken Hill from Silverton in which four people died. The first victim was a 17-year-girl and three others were also shot. A makeshift Turkish flag was unfurled by the shooters, so this was Australia's first terrorist attack. Both men were shot dead.

Alan Metcalf, Stockton

SURELY, Professor Tim Roberts, just having the Cycle Safe Network will not connect "greater" Newcastle, (‘Evidence walks us through how to live longer’, Herald, 9/10)? No place has done this. But a network for bicycles, along with a fleet of small buses running frequently on a grid route layout, so efficiently walks all over any need for roads expansion, beyond completing the bypass, Rankin Park to Jesmond. This sets out the hierarchy of transport.

Graeme Tychsen, Rankin Park

I THOROUGHLY agree with Kath Bow regarding cats (Letters, 9/10). Don't get me wrong. I'm a cat lover, presently Daisy who lives very comfortably in my home. Over the years I've seen the damage stray cats can do, apart from their disgusting habit of spraying my front door with their awful smell and worse still decimating the beautiful birds who live nearby.

Daphne Hughes, Kahibah


ON Saturday, October 14, there will be a fashion parade by Donna Lou as well as a craft stall at Boolaroo Uniting Church Hall, 53 Main Road, Boolaroo. The event starts at 1.30pm. Cost is $8, including afternoon tea.


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