Newcastle Herald Short Takes: Tuesday, October 10, 2017

BATHURST 1000! What a joke! We had three laps of pit stops and interviews then missed three laps with ads. We saw more ads than racing. Win! You lose!

Trevor Allen, Belmont

IN a former life I was fortunate enough to have many short, but enlightening, conversations with Rhodes scholar Bob Hawke. I have never met Tony Abbott but based upon his performance over recent years, I am guessing that he became a Rhodes scholar by reading a book on the beach of a Greek Island.

Mike Sargent, Raymond Terrace

WITH all the conversation regarding a national facial recognition system being put in place through CCT cameras, and while the pros and cons are being argued, I've heard nothing about the wearing of the burqa. It seems the obvious result is, it will be barred. In the end Pauline gets her way but no credit for it.

Neil Meyers, Warners Bay

A PLEASURE to make your acquaintance, Roy!

Michael Jameson, New Lambton

A HUGE congratulations to government for the release of cancer treating drug Imbruvica on the PBS. Sure beats spending $122 million on a rainbow plebiscite. End of story.

Michael Casey, Merewether

IN hindsight a coal-fired power station would have been a great investment for Easter Island (Short Takes, 9/10). Another Cadbury chocolate factory could have been built there, as well for the thousands of uni students out looking for work, this would also give real meaning to the Easter egg.

Brad Hill, Singleton

WHAT would happen if we were all same-sex marriage in lifestyle? The nation would cease after one generation. You cannot maintain a nation of IVF or surrogacy. Those with children got them by a third party. If you are a same-sex marriage supporter, aren't you glad your parents weren't. 

Ken Smith, Wyee

IF the "yes" vote gets a majority from the same-sex marriage issue, perhaps we could have another survey at a later date, to ascertain voters' opinions on whether our bi-sexual folk should be entitled to both a husband and a wife.

David Stuart, Merewether

IN reply to Les Hutchinson (Letters, 7/10): Many years ago there was a slogan â€œAustralia is blowing away, plant trees". I remember as a child sitting in a wheelbarrow while my dad planted a grove of young trees in a dusty paddock. One can only hope they survived.

Daphne Hughes, Kahibah


SHOULD the shuttle bus between John Hunter Hospital and the car park at McDonald Jones Stadium be reinstated?

Yes 92.31%, No 7.69%

DO you think the Mattara Festival should stay at Wallsend Park?

Yes 84.71%, No 15.29%


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