Newcastle Herald Short Takes: Thursday, October 12, 2017

WATCHING the ABC’s Four Corners, on Monday evening, it occurred to me again, as it has in the past; how is it that the contamination from Williamtown air base stops (according to the maps) at the shoreline of the Grahamstown Dam? Is there some magic spell that prevents the contaminant from leaching into the impounded water? Or should all the folk who use the water from Grahamstown reservoir be a bit concerned? And that, I’d guess, would be most of the people who use Hunter Water’s elixir.

Tom Boorer, Dungog

GOOD letter Josh Markey (Letters, 11/10). The naysayers probably should have a look to see the way they get around on the Gold Coast. Trams full all day and it's not like the hustle and bustle you get in Newcastle. So come on board, try it and you will be wondering how easy it is.

Gary Graham, Raymond Terrace

WELL boo hoo – Supercars telling hotels and businesses not to overcharge enthusiasts when they themselves are gouging everyone and everything.

Alan Higgins, Newcastle West

TONY Abbott, please come home from London – your village is missing you.

Gary Edman, Adamstown Heights

"MORE people die in cold snaps than in heat waves". So says Tony Abbott. Well, I believe those figures will rise because people will not be able to use their air-conditioners on either modes because of electricity prices.

Darryl Tuckwell, Eleebana

IF we don't give indigenous people and people of other nations the same rights, we are racist. If women are treated differently, that is sexist. So what's the problem with two people who love and care about each other having the right, like everyone else, to get married. It's no good being hypocritical about this. It’s about giving everyone the same rights in life, plain and simple.

Colin Geatches, Mayfield

TO Mr Barista and Cha Cha Chuckles (Letters, 10/10): This is Charles the Chook. My owner is very excited about the upcoming Supercars event; he will be there every day, rain, hail or shine. I'm a race car fanatic as well, but getting there is my problem. As you know us chooks aren't much good at flying or swimming, so my only option is to climb aboard one of the many coal trains that snake their way down the valley to Newcastle. I should be able to swim across the port and then walk from there. I’m so much looking forward to it. Beekeek

Charles the Chook and Brad Hill, Singleton

I TOTALLY agree with Kath Bow (Letters, 9/10): cats should not be allowed to roam the streets, their owners should be held responsible, not many care where their cats are. It is about time that local councils passed a law and introduced fines for cats found roaming the streets.

Robert Dixon, Morpeth


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