Newcastle Herald Short Takes: Monday, October 9, 2017

MEMO to Australian politicians: When you invade a country such as Iraq, based on USA lies, reaction can be expected. War breeds terrorism. Even media morons understand that. Terrorism is a natural reaction to war. For the record, Australia has not yet experienced a real terrorist attack on its soil.  

Richard Ryan, Summerland Point

REGARDING photo recognition: Recognition of me from my licence photo? Good luck with that one.

Paul Sutcliffe, Fern Bay

I WAS just reading an extract form the Newcastle Sun, dated October 19, 1929. It states that a fast train will begin from Newcastle to Sydney on November 10 and that the journey will be two hours 45 minutes – stops will be Honeysuckle, Hamilton, Broadmeadow, Gosford, Hornsby and Strathfield. I wonder if the Red Rattlers they had were faster more efficient coal-fired trains than the you-beaut (made overseas) electric trains we now have?

Ron Porteus, Lemon Tree Passage

WHETHER the light rail will be of any benefit to Newcastle is up for debate, however, in the latest blurb from Revitalising Newcastle, the NSW government claims it is "delivering a wire-free light rail system … to preserve Newcastle's unique character". What a pity the same desire to preserve the character of our fair city, was not the foremost consideration in deciding if we should have the Supercars event foisted upon us.

Kate Elderton, Newcastle

GREAT letter to the editor from Les Hutchinson (Letters, 7/10). He's right – just like Easter Island, Australia seems to be hell-bent on hastening their own environmental self-destruction.

Mac Maguire, Charlestown

BOB Young, the baby bonus put money in the pockets of Gerry Harvey, bottle shops, poker machines and drug dealers – a total waste unless you had shares in Harvey Norman

Steve Barnett, Fingal Bay

I NOTICE another Victorian council has changed the date of Australia Day. I totally object to this decision. My Australia Day celebrations are to honour the wonderful achievements of many explorers and nation builders such as Captain James Cook, Governor Phillip, Mathew Flinders, Lachlan Macquarie, Burke and Wills, Ludwig Leichhardt, Hume and Hovell, Sturt, Blaxland, Wenworth and Lawson, Bradfield and Kingsford Smith. The great mix of nationalities involved in the Snowy River Scheme resulted in a successful multinational population. I also honour our armed forces, world class athletes, entertainers and thousands of other people who have helped to make Australia a great place to live in just a little over 200 years.

John William Hill, Williamtown


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