Health and Fitness: Maitland Triathlon is back and Summer Run Series joins the event calendar

I spoke last week about the challenges of sticking to your fitness program when daylight savings hits.

I had a terrible week in the wake of the one-hour time change. I am much better at training first thing in the day than later at night, so it was definitely a struggle to get my usual amount of fitness in while I tried to adjust. 

Another challenge I find at this time of year is social events seem to come at you at a rate of knots.

It is only 11 weeks until Christmas (a scary thought) and 12 weeks until the end of the year and maintaining consistency where training is concerned can be tough as your calendar fills up.

It can also be hard to find a local event at this time of year to add to your motivation.

The Fernleigh 15 is on October 22 and a good one for teams to enter or for individuals to test themselves over a longer course.

Beyond that there are a couple of new, or “refreshed”, events worth noting.

Maitland Triathlon is back after a five-year absence.

Set to an Olympic distance of 1500-metre swim, 40-kilometre cycle and 10km run, the popular event is on November 12 and is based out of Morpeth.

Event organiser Paul Humphreys told me it is a particularly unique race, with the course starting in the Hunter River then the bike and run legs winding through some beautiful rural countryside.

“It’s a bit different to your usual triathlon events,” Paul said. “You are pretty much riding and running through farmland and it doesn't get more rural than that. It’s a really picturesque, country triathlon.

“A few of us did a trial run-through of the course the other day and the water in the river was really good. It’s probably going to be about 22 or 23 degrees by race day, so the race should offer some nice conditions.

“The bike and runs legs are quite flat, so if someone wants to do a good time then it is a good course for that as well.”

There is also the option of putting a team together for this event.

Being held in conjunction with the triathlon is the first event of a new Summer Run Series.

The three-part series comprises 10km events at Morpeth (November 12), Carrington (February 4) and Nelson Bay (March 18).

You can do one event or do all three, with a series champion being crowned as well.

‘I’ve wanted to do something like this for ages, promoting cool running spots in the Hunter,” Humphreys said. “It will be a country, city and bay experience.”


Peter Mullen of Mullen Natural Health Centre, Hamilton has been offering some healthy food tips for spring.

This week he shares with us some ways to practise “foodfullness”.

Peter describes practising foodfullness as being aware of what you are eating, sitting down and enjoying your food and generally avoiding what he calls “food crimes”.

He suggests to “never eat on two feet, never eat in front of the TV or in bed, chew slowly and don’t drink with your meals”.

Spring loaded week #6

This is a strength and cardio session combined, which is a good way to get both in if you don’t have time to do separate workouts.

Set up two markers, roughly 30-40 metres apart. You will run/walk up and back between the markers after each strength exercise below:

10 minutes continuous x [5 squats, run/walk, 5 push-ups, run/walk, 10 lunges, run/walk, 5 pull-ups/rows, run/walk].

10 minutes x continuous intervals. Run/walk a harder effort for10 seconds followed by easier effort 20 seconds.

Repeat first part of the session.

Upcoming fitness events

Fernleigh 15, October 22, Fernleigh Track: This 15-kilometre event offers both a scenic and unique experience. It can be done as an individual or in a five-person relay.

Summer Run 10k Series, Maitland, Newcastle and Port Stephens: A three-race 10km Summer Series at Morpeth (November 12), Carrington (February 4) and Nelson Bay (March 18).

Variety Xmas Walk Newcastle, December 10, Speers Point: A fully accessible 5km walk from Speers Point Park to Warners Bay and back, finishing at the Lake Mac Carols.

Renee Valentine is a writer, qualified personal trainer and mother of three.