Jets CEO Lawrie McKinna in banner with head of Roy O'Donovan

For a moment there, we thought it was a Simpsons cartoon.

Sitting in the crowd at the Mariners-Jets game at Gosford on Saturday night, we let out a chuckle as Mariners fans unfurled this banner shortly before kick-off.

The character in the blue suit holding the wooden spoon was, of course, a depiction of Jets CEO Lawrie McKinna, a former coach and football operations manager of the Mariners.

We couldn’t help but notice that this character bears a striking resemblance to Principal Seymour Skinner from The Simpsons. 

The head with a snake, which McKinna/Skinner is holding, is an impression of none other than former Mariners striker Roy O’Donovan, who now plays for the Jets.

Jets coach Ernie Merrick wasn’t amused.

“It was disgraceful stuff, I don’t want to comment on that,” he said, after his side trounced the Mariners 5-1.

That’s a pretty clever way of commenting without commenting. Ernie never has been known for his sense of humour.

Roy took it in his stride. It helps when you bag a hat-trick against your old team.

“I had a good relationship with the Mariners fans and I would have been disappointed if they didn’t jeer me,” Roy said.

As Topics reported yesterday, the Mariners also stirred up a bit of derby rivalry with a billboard on the F3 freeway, which said “the best road to Newcastle is the one out of it”.

Lawrie hit back on Monday with this tweet: “Just leaving Terrigal, heading to Jets office in Newcastle with three points in the car. I hope they enjoy the drive on the road out of Newcastle”.

Hitting the Sauce

As many would know, Masterfoods sponsor the Central Coast Mariners.

The Masterfoods BBQ sauce bottle sends a cheeky message to Jets fans at Gosford.

The Masterfoods BBQ sauce bottle sends a cheeky message to Jets fans at Gosford.

Big inflated Masterfoods sauce bottles – tomato, BBQ and mustard – are perched behind the goal during home games. People also dress up as sauce-bottle mascots.

There was plenty of banter between Jets and Mariners fans on the day.

The BBQ sauce mascot joined in the fun, sending a none-too-subtle message to the boisterous Jets fans.

“Masterfoods sauce bottle sledging Jets fans - from this day forward the only sauce I'll buy will be from @Masterfoods #CCMvNEW,” one Mariners fan tweeted.

We’re pretty sure Jets fans hit the sauce during and after the game. No word yet if that included a cheeky BBQ sauce mascot.

Off the Sauce

Speaking of hitting the sauce and the Jets, we hear captain Nigel Boogaard is doing Ocsober [he won’t touch any booze this month].

Not even a celebratory drink after a 5-1 win? “No. I have vowed to take it seriously and get through the month. I’m hoping to raise some money as well. I will be hitting up my family and the boys to put some money in the kitty,” the skipper said.