Boo Seeka place world view into debut album

LINE IN THE SAND: Boo Seeka chose to include almost all new material on their debut album to showcase their musical progression.
LINE IN THE SAND: Boo Seeka chose to include almost all new material on their debut album to showcase their musical progression.

EVER since Newcastle’s Ben Gumbleton met his Boo Seeka collaborator Sam Croft in 2015 he’s been on a hectic journey travelling the world.

So it’s understandable that when the electro-indie duo finally caught their breath to release the debut album Never Too Soon, that worldliness was on full display.

Instead of merely recording the album in a studio, Boo Seeka used various samples of vocal tracks, drum beats and guitar parts that were collected on iPhones across the globe. 

They were recorded in planes, airports, Berlin cafes, Switzerland green rooms and even while sitting in a parked car in Portland, Oregon.  

“No one else is going to pick that up, but in a way it’s given it a texture that you wouldn’t get sitting in a studio all day doing it,” Gumbleton said on a brief break back at his Dudley home.

“So we’re really proud of that because it got to a point where we were never going to be able to recreate that back in the studio.

“It’s amazing to hear people well known in the industry ask ‘wow, where did you record that?’ and it was in the back of an RV in Portland. It’s mind-blowing.”

Boo Seeka - Does This Last

The build towards Never Too Soon was typical of today’s streaming-dominated music industry. Boo Seeka released their first track Kingdom Leader in 2015 and another three singles – Deception Bay, Fool, Oh My – to create buzz and attract sold-out audiences before they’d even released any music physically.

The safe option would have been to include the hits on Never Too Soon, but only Oh My made the cut.

“We didn’t want to give our audience half a record they already had,” he said.

“We spoke about it and it was kind of a split decision, with people going ‘Kingdom Leader, Deception Bay and Fool should be on the record’ and another part was like ‘no, let’s show the audience and the critics that we’ve got more in the bag than an extra five songs’.”

Boo Seeka have certainly proved that. Never Too Soon has continued to showcase the duo’s rapidly-developing songwriting partnership. Everything from the EDM-inspired Gold Sail to the soulful Humans.

Boo Seeka began their national tour on Friday and Gumbleton said they’re focused on creating an organic live sound.

“A lot of the rehearsals have been about finding those gaps in the songs where we can expand and have a bit of vibe to not be exactly how it is on the record,” he said.

“We don’t want people to come to a show and think we’re just pushing a button on the songs on the record and all I’m doing is singing along to them.”

Boo Seeka play the Cambridge Hotel (October 21), Ballarat’s Karova Lounge (November 3 and 4), Launceston (November 11) and Canberra’s Academy (November 18).


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