Fire breaks out inside gantry at Carrington silos

EMERGENCY services spent nearly two hours at GrainCorp’s Carrington silos on Monday afternoon, after a blaze broke out inside a ship loader.

Eight fire units rushed to the scene on Denison Street shortly after 4.30pm, with multiple calls to triple-zero as a plume of thick black smoke was sent over Newcastle Harbour.

The small blaze was contained a short time later with firefighters using an extension ladder to extinguish the flames.

A HAZMAT unit was also sent to GrainCorp’s Newcastle headquarters as a precaution.

Paramedics and police were on scene but there were no reported injuries.

Firefighters used thermal imaging to locate the fire inside GrainCorp’s southern loader.

The loader was not in operation at the time of the fire, emergency services said.

A cause for the fire could not be established on Monday.

However, the investigation was handed over to the Port of Newcastle.