Rattled by hum

HEAR AND NOW: People who claim to hear the hum are often met with deafening silence by their loved ones.
HEAR AND NOW: People who claim to hear the hum are often met with deafening silence by their loved ones.

I’ve been hearing a hum in our house the last couple of months, and it hasn’t just been the domestic bliss.

Or the bees in springtime.

Or the flaming electronic door chime that whirs all day and drives me crazy.

No, there’s been a definite hum, always at night, but apparently only audible to me.

Everyone else in the house says they can’t hear it, or it’s the door chime, or I’m losing my mind. Which was only a matter of time living with these people, and that door chime, let’s face it.

But after a couple of months I started to think they may have a point.

So the other night when the air was really humming I got out the smart phone and recorded my surroundings.

Needless to say, the playback was quieter than a press room after Donald Trump’s latest gaff, leading me to suspect I may well have tinnitus.

So with no knowledge of what I was about to discover, I googled “unexplained hum”  and yea verily  stumbled across  the “great global hum” debate.  Now don’t get me wrong, I am not a dog, and I am as sus as the next person about internet kookery, but I do hear what I hear. I think.

And it seems people across the globe have reported hearing it too, since at least the 1970s, which came as a certain relief. 

Not the sound of traffic, or blood coursing through veins, as the non-hearers suggest, but a low ambient drone not unlike  a diesel generator parked up the road.

Always at night, impossible to pinpoint if you search for it, and only audible to some.

Suggested origins, I read, range from military monitoring systems, to vibration sensitivities, to very low frequency radio waves, to  Steven King and beyond.

Branded variously scientific fact, maddening sound or mass delusion, the only consensus  amongst those who hear it seems to be that they’re hearing it.

But of course they’d say that, wouldn’t they? Weird.

My partner suggested classic internet con job when I showed her my findings, which I was only too willing to accept, except for the uncanny similarity of my experience in isolation to all the others reported on the net.

The weight of incidents as detailed on sites like www.thehum.info and the “global hum map” were also slightly compelling. 

When I explained this to my friend the psychologist, he listened attentively and then suggested CBT.

When I say “my friend the psychologist” I mean I have a friend who is a psych. He is not  my treating psychologist, yet.

It may only be a matter of time though, because managing the perception of your sanity is a slippery slope when you start talking like this.

However, having noted a couple of global hum map “flags” in the Newcastle/Lake Macquarie area, I now sense,  in that classic slightly mad-sounding kind of way, that I am not alone.

So lend me your ears, my country people. Break out your alfoil hats and let me know if you have experienced anything similar because I’m buzzing about this hum.


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