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Fair Retail
Fair Retail

Theatre Review

Fair Retail

Newcastle University Drama Society

The Factory Theatre

Ended October 15

Fair Retail was the third annual two-act show developed by Newcastle University Drama Society. And while this needs further development, it could appeal to theatre companies Australia-wide.

Most of the actors have been involved in part-time retail work during their university years, mainly in supermarkets, and the amusing comments it makes about staff members, employers and customers strike a nerve with audience members. There are bright new songs, and fantasy sequences.

The main character, Eric, tries to bring the other employees together, giving them morning tea cupcakes that he made at home. He accidentally put a wrong ingredient into the mix, and, as a result, the “hash brownies” have the eaters imagining things such as Eric put on trial for stealing a cooked chicken.

The show has several amusing original musical numbers, including a jolly satirical song called The Customer is Always Right, which is shown not to be the case by the employees’ actions.   


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