Varley earns top reward for journey

REWARDED: Varley Group
REWARDED: Varley Group

Manufacturer of the Year

WINNER:  Varley Group

What the judges said:

The Varley Group, with its origins as a small plumbing and boiler making business servicing the industrial maintenance and ship repair markets in 1886, has continued to re-invent itself throughout its 130 years of operation, successfully adapting to an ever-changing world. 

This journey sees the company’s home still firmly rooted in the Hunter, but with operations also now established in other key locations in Australia, as well as the US and Indonesia. 

This expansion into new markets has been accompanied by the transformation of its capability into a diversified business, servicing clients in the fields of rail, defence, aerospace, marine, power, telescopic towers and electric vehicles. 

Varley Group’s success has been built on courageous and visionary leadership, a highly skilled and engaged workforce of over 500 people, and strong investment in innovation and business improvement. 

The company understands the importance of the passion and skills of its workers  and regularly recognises outstanding contributors as well as providing for the ongoing upgrading of their skills. 

Varley’s support for the community   is extensive and the Varley leadership team is also very active in helping to shape the future of manufacturing in the Hunter through active participation in industry forums such as Hunternet, AI Group, Hunter Business Chamber and Engineers Australia. 

The Varley Group continue to demonstrate that manufacturing can play a strong role in the Hunter economy for many years to come and are a worthy winner of the MOTY for 2017.