A pool at a resort in Port Douglas is crazy

Topics has been up north in the tropics, far away from the Newcastle news cycle. 

We stayed at a resort at Port Douglas which had four pools. Impressive, hey?

We pretty much had a pool to ourselves each day.

One of the pools had a very bizarre feature.

It’s quite possibly the worst design feature we’ve ever seen.

We’re talking about a submerged spa in the middle of the pool.

This weird feature is made of pebblecrete. It makes doing laps a bit of a hazard.

And diving into the pool? Well, that wouldn’t be advised.

In the age of public liability and rules for everything, we couldn’t believe our eyes.

We’ve heard all the arguments about the nanny state. But a submerged spa is way beyond that. There’s no nice way of putting it. It’s completely idiotic.

There were a couple of warning signs near the edge of the spa and the pool. But they weren’t that easy to see.

One can only hope that eager divers notice the submerged spa before diving in. But it’s not hard to imagine someone being oblivious to the danger, diving in and hitting their head.

We couldn’t work out the point of the spa. The bubbles didn’t do anything to the body and the water in the spa was, obviously, the same temperature as the pool.

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Have A Seat

Strolling along the main drag of Port Douglas towards the beach, we came across this pink bench.

A caution sign on a pink bench in Port Douglas.

A caution sign on a pink bench in Port Douglas.

A sign in the middle of the bench said “Caution: Please do not sit in the middle of this bench. Feel free to use either side.”

Hmmm. Not quite as bad as the submerged spa, but still a tad strange.

Toilet Training

Speaking of seats, we couldn’t help but notice this sign on the back of a dunny door at Cairns Airport. 

A sign on the back of a dunny door at Cairns.

A sign on the back of a dunny door at Cairns.

As we always obey the rules, we quickly stepped down off the porcelain throne and followed the directions. This felt much more comfortable.

How Rude

We were waiting for a flight to Cairns at Sydney Airport in the seating area of our gate, gazing happily at the planes, when we heard someone having a loud conversation.

We turned around to see a woman talking to a person on her mobile phone… on speaker-phone!

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Paying Respect

Topics felt queasy when we saw the tackle that caused the injury to Newcastle Jets player Ronny Vargas in the match against Brisbane Roar on Sunday.

Fox Sports didn’t replay the incident on live TV, but they showed it online.

Herald journo James Gardiner posted a video of Jets coach Ernie Merrick’s reaction at a press conference after the match. 

The video shows Merrick close to tears and clearly devastated about the injury to his player.

“Well, the win means nothing,” Merrick said, before pausing with his head down for more than 10 seconds.

In the ruthless, super-competitive world of professional sport, Topics thought it was nice to see a coach reacting in such a respectful way.

Jets boss Lawrie McKinna told the ABC on Monday that he had never seen such a big outpouring of emotion for any injured player since he came to Australia.

Topics wishes Ronny a good recovery.