History snapshots of Newcastle and the Hunter

Greg Ray is one of Newcastle’s most well-known history writers.

A former Newcastle Herald journalist, Greg and his wife Sylvia now write and research history books with a focus on Newcastle and the Hunter Region.

Rays first book, Newcastle, the Missing Years, was published in 2010, and set them on a course of book publishing, yielding nine volumes to date.

Greg Ray has a long-running column in the Herald’s Saturday magazine, Weekender, which features a local historical photo.

Each week a new photo, and the story that comes with it, is added to this online collection. It gives readers the opportunity to explore local Hunter and Newcastle history through photos.

Do you have a photo you would like to share? Email pixofpast@gmail.com

All of Greg Ray and Sylvia Ray’s history books are available through the Newcastle Herald.

They include:

The Missing Years

Recovered Memories

Changing Places

Destination Newcastle

Newcastle Slideshow

Images on Glass

The Hunter Region in the Great War

Newcastle in the 1960s, by the Rays and Ron and Liz Morrison

They can be purchased on the internet:  theherald.mybigcommerce.com/