Newcastle Herald Letters to the Editor: Monday, February 26, 2018

QUESTIONS: The manner in which the Return and Earn scheme has been implemented has left one contributor comparing it with a previous "fiasco". Picture: Simone De Peak
QUESTIONS: The manner in which the Return and Earn scheme has been implemented has left one contributor comparing it with a previous "fiasco". Picture: Simone De Peak

THE roll out of the present state government’s drink container recycling scheme reminds me of the roll out of the federal Labor government’s insulation scheme. It was poorly thought out with no plan and has turned into a fiasco.

The manufacturers are paying the levies, we are paying the levies, all these products have risen in price on the shelves but we can not use the scheme and get a refund as it does not work, there are not enough machines and in most areas no machines at all.

So we all pay the extra but can not access the refund. This along with the lies and light rail disaster (we will not build on the rail corridor) and the Newcastle bus disaster is a good reason to get rid of this incompetent government.

Sandy Buchanan, Largs

Let adults be adults

BRAD Hill (Short Takes, 19/2) I too bring into question the availability of heroin shooting galleries and wonder what those in favour of zero reforms to Newcastle’s current licensing laws make of all this.

Yes, drug addiction does have adverse effects on society and is an issue that needs to be addressed. But why, for example, if a hard working shift worker wanted to go to a Newcastle pub or club for a beer at 1.01am, they’d be denied entry, when someone who wanted to inject a toxic chemical into their bloodstream would all but have a red carpet rolled out for them? Smokers in pubs and clubs are often treated like lepers too, so I think it borders on surreal that any adult who wishes to partake in perfectly legal substances such as alcohol and tobacco are handled like criminals, whereas those who wish to use an illegal drug are given their own room in which to do so.

Oh, and for the record, I don’t drink or smoke, I just believe that any adults that choose to should be allowed to make their own decisions.

Adz Carter, Newcastle

Compensation needed

THE owners of the Vinyl cafe in Perkins Street, which they have been forced to close, have not 'lost' their money (‘What made you think shops would survive?’, Herald, 23/2). Their money has been stolen by the incompetent people who decided to build the light rail down Hunter Street. 

They have made an honest effort, worked hard, and they are not to blame. They are entitled to an apology from the government, and should get compensation at the very least. I hope they can at least take some pride in what they achieved before this catastrophe, and consolation from the decent people of this community.

Ross Kerridge, Newcastle East

Praise for top care

I WOULD like to acknowledge and thank the amazing, caring and dedicated doctors, nurses, technicians and all staff at John Hunter Hospital for their compassionate, professional care and support for me and my family following my medical emergency last week. This group of fantastic people in ICU and other wards were absolutely fantastic in every aspect of my care and treatment, and the support and care shown to my family at a most stressful time for us. I can't find enough words to thank you all. Thanks.

Bill Cox, Tenambit

Union Jack must go

THE Union Jack on the Australian flag is a symbol of a colonial mentality and superior military force to the original inhabitants of this country. Indigenous people were here first, before alien occupiers drove them off their lands. There is a history, and this is the history of where Aborigines are concerned, suppressed of their culture, many massacred, destroyed of their livelihood, used as slave labour. When you have moronic comments from ‘cash for comments media types’ such as the ‘stolen generation is all a myth’ is like saying the holocaust is a myth. They say ‘nothing is permanent except change’. The flag will change minus the Union Jack and not before time may I add.

Richard Ryan, Summerland Point

An example of good

IT is a well known proverb "the Lord works in mysterious ways". To all those authorities who believe Christian organisations are infallible and must be forgiven for a few errors, the death of Billy Graham reminds us that these errors should never have occurred. His death is timely for those of us who remember who and what he stood for, which was his powerful sponsorship of Jesus Christ. He coaxed millions throughout the world to listen and act upon his message, which was distinctly the value of believing in Jesus as a Saviour for our souls. There has been no hint of the scandal and torture from him or his followers that other groups who purport to imitate Jesus have inflicted on innocent children. As we try to make sense of the recalcitrant government and Church representatives in Australia regarding the recommendations from the royal commission it is heartbreaking to imagine the future. The mystery of justice for those affected might be buoyed if the powers that be emulate Jesus’ example which Graham perpetuated. I wonder what Jesus is thinking about this sorry tale? 

Pat Garnet, Newcastle East

Return to river’s glory

LET’S turn our attention to the Murray Darling river system. Lots of claims and counter claims about water allocation and stealing. The main problem is, the river system does not carry enough water. Let’s go back and find photographs of what the system looked like in say 1930. A mighty system it would have been. This must be the goal of governments of both sides to take this river system back the glory days, and then there will be enough water for everyone, but maybe that is in the too hard basket.

Darryl Tuckwell, Eleebana

Cut the conflict

STATED in a recent survey (Save the Children) there are 370,000 children living in conflict zones or one in six worldwide. Zones where the coalition of the willing are actively participating in aggressive bombings that encompass hospitals, schools and civilian houses either intentionally or by accident. I believe Turnbull and Trump, in their celebration get together of the two countries being the best of friends, did not recognise the horror of this but seemed more interested in talking about possibly starting another conflict that could double the death toll of children, with North Korea. There can be little wonder that the world is sinking lower into the depths of “iniquity”.

Allan Earl, Thornton


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