Newcastle Herald Short Takes: Tuesday, January 2, 2018

HAPPY new year to all the readers – and no new year’s resolutions please. It’s all talk. Just start the year as you intend to live the rest of the year and do it.

Robyn Burtinshaw, Nambucca Heads

SO, Alexander Downer, our representative at the Court of St James, has been named as the crucial link in the American/Russian scandal leak concerning Hilary Clinton. With his tenure as our representative in London fast coming to an end, can we expect to see him bob up as possibly the next James Bond.

David Barrow, Merewether

ONE wonders if these alien politicians, who hold multi-citizenships, will have to pay back wages paid to them, thanks to the Australian taxpayer. These political misfits, who have dual citizenship, should be treated like the poor souls who have their pensions garnished by Centrelink due to overpayments. But no! 

Richard Ryan, Summerland Point

COAL demonises itself, (Editorial, 1/1). As part of the burning of 35 billion tonnes of fossil a year; release of heavy elements; and massive workings of the land, demonisation doesn't need any help from us bright sparks.

Graeme Tychsen, Rankin Park 

I WAS saddened to read the story “What’s the harm in tinsel?” (Letters, 30/12). Who is this man who marched in and made a rude spectacle of ripping down Christmas decorations in the surgical reception area of a hospital in the sight of the public? Was he a non-believer member of the public or a management representative showing so-called political correctness? Hospitals are a place where people are usually in an anxious state of mind when they arrive and they certainly don’t need to be confronted with this kind of behaviour at the front desk. The staff certainly deserve more respect than that, as they are doing a great service – and part of that is to keep spirits up for their patients and themselves. Happy new year.

Vicki Kearns, Warners Bay

JUST could not let Anthony Albanese’s whinge go unanswered (“Prize for One Nation ex-MPs” Herald 30/12). He complains that Malcolm Roberts now has an advisory job with One Nation. He claims Roberts was “booted” out of parliament over the dual citizenship debacle. He failed to mention his National cohorts that also got the boot. I must be naive to think that the two major parties don’t look for cushy jobs for their mates either. Does George Brandis’ cushy job in London, ring any bells Albo?

Ray Cross, Morpeth

IT appears that the accuracy of the bureau’s forecasting is inversely proportionate to the advances in the technology they implement to prepare their forecasts.

Stephen Kuehn, Walliamtown


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