Newcastle Herald Short Takes: Friday, November 10, 2017

I'M sure there once was a movie The Cars that ate Paris. Is this what is about to happen in Newcastle? Why haven't our smart leaders instead built a fast train from Williamtown to Sydney stopping at Newcastle, Gosford and Hornsby? We don't need this type of entertainment.

Frank Tweedie, Morpeth

SO the hypocritical Greens still want to ban one of our iconic sporting events, the Melbourne Cup, and horse racing in general. It makes a mockery of their agenda to stop coal mining in favour of the horse studs. The Greens are becoming more and more absurdly hypocritical by the day. It's time to wake up Australia and put the party where it belongs and that, my friends, is in the stuff used to grow mushrooms.

Brad Hill, Singleton

ALL aboard, council is the slow old train. I wrote to the council a couple of years ago and still stand by my master plan. Train line should have been converted to subway from Hamilton, to surface at Newcastle. Light rail from there up Watt Street, around to Bar Beach, Merewether (AKA poor man’s Dudley) and even onto Fernleigh Track to Redhead Beach. Now that’s a massive fix for all parties. Transport, tourism, available land over subway... never too late.

Brendan Mackay, Warners Bay

COLIN Geatches should have his own column in the Herald. Two short takes in one day.

Mario Municchi, Tighes Hill

I’VE been wondering how and when the LNP government would begin to blame the Labor Party for the citizenship fiasco. David Barrow (Letters 9/11) has had a soft dig at Bill Shorten, and on Thursday morning the prime minister indicated that Mr Shorten is the one who has to get fair dinkum and fix it. Readers should look at where the offenders come from. To date, none have been from the Labor Party, although some –  including Shorten himself – have been called out, but so far all have come up clean.

Fred McInerney, Karuah

MEMO to Carl Stevenson of Dora Creek (Letters, 7/11): The citizenship requirement of the Australian federal parliament is a part of the Australian Constitution. The only way the Constitution can be changed is by a referendum, not by a simple Act of parliament. Never let the facts get in the way, eh! Oh, and if a person can't fill in a form correctly should they really be entitled to be a member of the Australian parliament?

Grant Kennett, Corlette


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