Newcastle Herald Short Takes: Monday, November 6, 2017

IMAGINE, Centrelink taking steps to garnish the over-payments of invalid politicians wages, as they do with the common persons of our society.    

Richard Ryan, Summerland Point

I WONDER – what part of “if you want to be a member of the Australian government you have to make the effort to ensure you are not a dual citizen” did they find so hard to understand or difficult to do? If that is beyond their capabilities, then running the country is not the job they should be in.

Allan Earl, Thornton

IT is quite laughable to see the leader of the Greens demanding a full audit be carried out on the citizenship eligibility for all senators. Personally, I cannot see why the good old taxpayer should have to pay for this. If they can’t check their eligibility themselves then should they really be there? I could help make a decision and suggest as others do and just get rid of the Senate and that is the problem solved. The House of Reps MPs who get elected after not being eligible then they pay any money back and disappear into the sunset.

Kerry Redman, Waratah

REPORTS say the Coalition's Michael Sukkar is working on an alternative same-sex marriage bill that discriminates against same-sex marriage. Just when I thought the government couldn't make a bigger mess than holding the plebiscite, they look ready to trump that with a bill that could take us back to where we started. I thought these kinds of antics were over when Tony Abbott got the boot but the powerful ‘no’ campaign coalition seems ready to out do Tony's mad tactics. This proves what a stupid idea the plebiscite was in the first place. All we get now from this government are mixed and confusing messages. At least Tony Abbott made no apologies for his follies.

John Butler, Windella Downs

MAL thought he was the High Court and delivered his missive – lie low if you’re in doubt. She’ll be right. Trust me “I’m the PM”.

Mark Bowen, Broadmeadow

THE dual citizenship is becoming a bit of a fiasco eg you are born in Australia and your mother also, OK your father was born in NZ but became an Aussie. Gosh you'd think OK, you've declared your loyalty to Australia and your intention (not your ancestors) to serve Australia OK. The law needs to be changed to reflect the intention of the person and their loyalties to Australia. If they have never declared any loyalties to another country that should be all that matters.

Robyn Burtinshaw, Nambucca Heads


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