Newcastle Herald Short Takes: Friday, January 12, 2018

WITH love in the air and same-sex marriages now legal, we now await with “bated breath” as to what our most celebrated opponent of the same-sex marriage movement will wear at his sister’s wedding. Will it be budgie-smugglers, a lycra outfit or a formal suit with a “rainbow tie”?

David Barrow, Merewether

AS an infrequent user of Newcastle buses I cannot help but wonder if some of the problems related by your readers are partly of their own doing. Numerous times I have seen passengers alighting from the buses without scanning off with their Opal cards. The design of routes can only be done with hard data not the anecdotes of drivers. It would be interesting to see the data showing the passenger journeys over the network.

Stuart King, Toronto

A BIT rich Mike Sargent (Letters, 10/1) taking someone else to task for cherry picking facts.

Colin Fordham, Lambton

ONCE again we see what disasters nature and humans can inflict on us, fire; floods; motor vehicle accidents etc. So at this time we should spare a thought and give our sincere thanks to those many volunteer men and women who support our full time emergency staff during the extremely dangerous and often traumatic times. They deserve equal recognition as our military servicemen and women do.

Gerry Mohan, Shoal Bay

I DO not believe it is a rational argument to state that drinkers are somehow penalised by restricting drinking hours to more normal hours of socialising. It would only be a penalty if drinking was banned altogether. Our society does not require drinking hours to be available 24/7. Obviously vested interests have raised their heads thinking only of profits.

Trevor J Cotterill, East Maitland

I HEARTILY agree with Lofty Lockwood (Letters, 8/1) regarding replacement of Aaron Bullock as the jockey of Magic Millions hopeful, Jonker. With a couple of glaring exceptions, in the past this usually happens. I hope that Jonker gets beaten as I always do when this happens and with an ounce of luck the filly Sunlight may be the one to do it.

Jan Trevillian, Fennell Bay     

RECENTLY I received a text from Coles and Woolworths telling me that I have won a trial run of slimming tablets. Seeing that it was free, I answered affirmative to the text. Today I checked my bank account details and discovered that I was over $1000 down. I contacted my bank and they will try to get back my money. So please be aware of this scam.

Steve Power, Adamstown

TO Mr Barnett, Mr Hill and Mr McTaggart: I presume you all have perfect six-packs. You’re all quick enough to throw the jokes out about people who are not a perfect size 8, why don’t you pull your head in and realise everyone can’t be perfect. We where all made different and yes I do have a fat stomach – somewhere for the grandson to cuddle his pop.

Bob Cecil, Elermore Vale


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