Newcastle Herald Short Takes: Thursday, January 11, 2017

I WOULD like to thank the two council workmen who were in Elizabeth Street, Carrington, on Tuesday morning to carry out footpath maintenance. After Monday night’s storms, several bins were upended and general rubbish, bottles, broken glass, cans etc. strewn on the roadway. The men proceeded to retrieve as much as possible from the road, under parked cars and the gutters, preventing possible flat tyres and rubbish ending up in waterways. As a ratepayer, I would like to commend them.

Kim Harding, Carrington

JEREMY Bath (Letters, 9/1), your explanation of what council provides to sporting fields is exactly what the public expects to be done with their rate payments. That's why we pay rates.

Graeme Bennett, Warners Bay

IT makes me laugh they have closed Hunter and Scott streets for the light rail and have banners on the safety fence saying We Are Still Open but they forgot to put under it But You Can't Get Here, I feel sorry for small businesses in this area.

Ken Stead, Lambton

WHY would I believe 97 per cent of all published peer-reviewed scientific evidence on climate change, when the butcher-up-the-Bay knows so much more? Maybe all those clever scientists made all those facts up – just to prove how clever butchers are.

Mac Maguire, Charlestown

OH ye of little faith Reg Howes (Short Takes, 9/1). Having enjoyed the same ‘Attenborough on The Serengeti’ experience on my very own back step the other afternoon, I can truly attest to the authenticity of Tony Troughear’s ant story (‘Tony’s toenails’, Herald Topics, 8/1), and I had only partaken of a couple of mid-strength beers just prior.

Phil Riddell, Shortland Heights

TO Dave Mctaggart (Short Takes, 9/1): these monstrous bums are definitely from Sydney, the telling factor is that they are attached to a head that is void of any communication. Try saying ‘hello, how's your day going’ to any of them, the look of void shock and horror definitely tells you they are from Sydney. You will also find their right hand looks incredibly like a mobile phone.

Brad Hill, Singleton

JUST watched the news about recycling, what a great idea. Hang on, I’m 62 and I can remember taking my Coke bottle to the corner store and getting a refund. So why do we now have a $1000 recycling machine in shopping centres? Cannot our corner shop do the same thing? Cannot the recycling company pick up from them? People will not only drop them off to that shop, maybe they will spend money there. A win, win for the environment and the small business.

Ray Davidson, Birmingham Gardens

THE way people treat all animals, not just dogs, is a good indicator of what they are really like. And a woof woof to your last paragraph Geoff Black (Letters, 9/1).

Julie Robinson, Cardiff


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