Newcastle Herald Short Takes: Monday, October 30, 2017

I THOUGHT these people doing the light rail were only going to close a section at a time. Now they have closed another stating the first should be finished by the end of the year. Light rail will never work we’ve been there, done that with trams. I just hope I wake up soon from this nightmare. C’mon Gladys, incompetence at its best.

Dash, Waratah

BEING a gold member of NIB (joined in 1967) I find the comments by the CEO (‘Hunter fund’s big decade’, Newcastle Herald, 4/11) to be disturbing. I have in the past week made inquiries with another fund to transfer my membership and found I would be better off leaving.

Greg Parrey, Ashtonfield

TO Shannon Kemp (Letters, 4/11), I live on the racetrack and I’m neither for nor against it, but get your facts straight. It’s actually 10 weeks a year, six weeks to set up and four weeks to dismantle. That’s 70 days per year my friend, not three. Another ill-informed individual.

Tony Padgett, Newcastle East

REGARDING Jeff Corbett’s comment “that’s why our society sneers at unemployment” (‘The failure of success’, Herald, 4/11). Sorry Jeff, you’re off the mark. People just don’t like their hard-earned taxes paying others to sleep in. If they don’t collect welfare, relax under the trees by all means, but not if I’m paying for it.

D. Kirkpatrick, Karuah

I WOULD like to ask Lake Macquarie council have they forgotten all about Hillsborough Road upgrade or are they just blowing smoke up people’s backsides and have no intention of doing anything about it? There’s going to be another death there soon – are you going to take full responsibility for it? Seriously, there are more suburbs in your electorate than Warners Bay and Glendale. 

Colin Geatches, Mayfield

THERE are people who mistakenly believe Mr Shorten is unpopular with the public. I think they prefer not to look at a child star all grown up. So to see Bill in that bus is not the same as when I saw Smiley get a new bike.

Dave Wilson, Bar Beach

Re: the Telstra outage in Sydney on Sunday and Monday. If Telstra stopped off-shoring jobs to India and the Philippines, maybe they’d have more qualified staff back in Australia, who could have taken care of the problem more quickly.

David Davies, Blackalls Park


THE slow rental price increase is…

Great news! Tenants can finally afford to pay the bills 50%

Nothing to worry about 29%

Terrible news for investors 21%

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THE Boolaroo Uniting Church community is holding a garage sale fundraiser between 8.30am and 1pm on Saturday, November 11. The event, at 53 Main Road, will feature stalls of craft, cakes, white elephant goods, plants and books.