Newcastle Herald Short Takes: Thursday, January 4, 2018

THE removal of change rooms at Nobby’s Beach seems to be the latest step in a long line of stupid decisions to discourage people from going into Newcastle.

Scott Dwyer, Cameron Park

I SUGGEST all families who are using in-home child care to look at the effect the new child care subsidy will have on your care. Can you afford to work after July 1, 2018?

Amanda Johnstone, Mayfield

THE USA, Cuba, North Korea, Haiti, Somalia, Italy, Serbia are just a few republics we can try to emulate. With Paul Keating as president we could not fail to have the odd revolution. It would only cost a few hundred million dollars to start with and be of no real benefit. Bring it on.

John Maxwell Hollingsworth, Hamilton

IS Julie Robinson confusing Jesus with Moses (Short Takes, 29/12)? According to some, Joseph (from the line of David) and Mary were betrothed, and the Roman Emperor had decreed a census would be taken, of men only, who had to be counted at the place of their birth. So Joseph had to travel from Bethlehem to Nazareth. He took Mary with him as she was expecting a child. Because of overcrowding in his family home, the couple were allowed to sleep in the barn with the cattle, where Mary gave birth. As Mary and Joseph were not married, would Jesus be illegitimate rather than a refugee?

June Porter, Warners Bay

THINGS must be slow in your shop if you just look at hindquarters all day. It could be worse, they could do a hambone in front of your place, or they could be mutton dressed up as lamb. Don’t be a silly sausage, they can’t all be big heifers.

Gary Edman, Adamstown Heights

IF everyone is concerned about paedophiles, as I am, is it safer to get changed in the open? I believe not, as privacy is important to all but especially the ageing and the very young. Our beaches in Newcastle are our showpieces and tourist attractions, so perhaps money could be spent on these areas in lieu of moving council offices or councillors pay raises.

Denise Lindus Trummel, Mayfield

LORD Mayor Nuatali Nelmes – listen to the community re Nobby’s change rooms, instead of giving yourself a pay rise.

Michael Casey, Merewether

IN reply to Olwyn Edwards (Letters, 2/1). Whilst travelling through a country town, I noticed outside one shop a sign which said 'Bored Husband's Seat'. I thought that this little gem could apply to anywhere.

Daphne Hughes, Mayfield

WITH the Nobby’s Beach changing facilities the centre of controversy at the moment (‘Hot under the collar’, Herald, 3/1), the public toilet/changing facilities at Merewether Beach should also be added to the mix. The shower/change (if it can be called that) spaces were an afterthought and definitely cannot cater safely during the summer months. How they have missed being complained about in the past is anyone’s guess, but they definitely need being brought into the 21st Century.

David Barrow, Merewether