Newcastle Herald Short Takes: Friday, November 3, 2017

REGARDING Stockton beach erosion problems (‘Meeting planned to discuss Stockton eroison’, Newcastle Herald, 1/11), maybe Simon Jones should arrange to have a car race at Stockton. It seems to get some action in other suburbs plus the parking arrangements have already been organised.

Graeme Galvin, Warabrook

NO passenger drop off zone at Newcastle Interchange? What a failure in planning not to have a safe place to drop off passengers.

Tim Roberts, Newcastle

SO decorations and presents are OK for Christmas (Letters, 1/11)? Surely this is the epitome of commercialisation of a religious holiday. Ask most kids, they probably can’t tell you what Christmas means or that it is a religious holiday. Americans often say Thanksgiving is the best holiday, because the only expectation is that you get together with family and friends to give thanks.

Chris Bench, Hamilton

MANY smokers must think their finished cigarette butt must disappear into thin air like their cigarette smoke after they discard them, usually on the pavement, road or a pot plant. It astounds me the amount of you seen doing this, it’s very annoying.

Neil Coutts, Martins Creek

MAY well you say “God save the Queen”, because nothing will save an Aussie politician who holds British citizenship.   

Richard Ryan, Summerland Point

CAN anybody tell me who the bright spark was that has allowed six extra car parking spaces to extend towards Whitebridge on the eastern side of Dudley Road on the corner with Bula Street? We now have a situation with anybody turning right into Bula Street from Dudley Road now stopping all traffic headed towards Charlestown. I watched it bank back almost all the way up to the roundabout. Maybe they are preparing the residents for congestion when the new estate opens in Whitebridge. Nah, that would be a conspiracy theory.

Ian Reynolds, Forster

RAY Davidson (Short Takes, 1/11) regarding insurance ads – do as I do when the ad comes on, phone and complain. They might get the message if everyone bugs them.

Tony Cooper, Belmont

THE law is an ass, taking the Constitution on who is an Australian to the Nth degree. People who think they are Australian and never seek benefit from another country and who for years have acted in good faith for Australia are ousted. What a joke, only it's on us. Common sense? Moral reasons behind words written decades ago ignored. I am sick of the pointless, time and money wasting exercise played out in Parliament.   

Betsy Watson, Swansea


CLOSING Newcastle Grammar for one day during the Supercars race is:

An outrage 36.45%, A storm in a teacup 33.09%, A non-issue 30.46%

CAN Newcastle learn something from the Baltimore renewal model?

Yes 68.42%, They are unrelated 21.05%, No 10.53%


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