Newcastle Herald Short Takes: Monday, November 13, 2017

TO Niko Leka (Short takes, 9/11) – the refugees on Manus broke the law and were costing Australia too much. Too bad the lefties did not have same compassion for many disadvantaged people in Australia. 

Warren Parrey, Telarah

TO Niko Leka (Short Takes, 9/11) – I get that you genuinely care deeply for the welfare of the Manus Island asylum seekers but to accuse our government of mass murder is over the top. The asylum seekers have been offered alternatives. If our government caves in to their demands we will, I believe, undoubtedly see the people smugglers back in business with hundreds more deaths at sea. Will those who pushed our government into softening its policies be guilty of mass murder for those deaths?

Dave McTaggart, Edgeworth

YES, Tony Cooper (Short Takes, 9/11) – if only Malcolm Turnbull would target the thousands of his supporters who keep the superannuation payments of 2.8 million workers (tax Office figures). In the coming economic crisis, Australia will have to find hundreds of millions for the extra full and part pensions of those who had retirement stolen from their pay packets by greedy employers. If only Malcolm would pursue those thousands with the same effort and disproportionate expense he has of the few in the mostly innocent union movement.

Colin Fordham, Lambton

HOW about the Jets. Top of the league. I hope the Knights are paying attention.

Bill Slicer, Tighes Hill

I HAD the most wonderful lunch with a group of talented, creative, compassionate women recently and our conversation turned to the Lisa and  Karl issue. Why, we were asking, is she worth 24 per cent less than him?.Sorry, but that is not OK. My lovely friends who are doing some of the most important jobs for our community seem to be  terminally underpaid. Caring for our disabled and aged for some reason is not as important as some  tradie putting an electric eel down your dunny. How do we change this?

Megan Askar, Waratah

HAD enough of Manus Island, dual citizens, yes votes and the Newcastle train issues. Someone send me a blanket. I am moving to Antartica with the penguins. Wake me when Trump has haircut.

Michael Casey, Merewether

I BELIEVE it is high time that the federal member for Port Stephens, Meryl Swanson, took a more aggressive role in defending the residents of Port Stephens in their fight for justice over the ongoing pollution scandal. Although Labor is not in government, she must take the fight right up to Turnbull and his ministers in preparation for the election of a Labor government and the greater responsibilities that will entail for her in the solution of this terrible injustice.

Brian Crooks, Scone

SO I might get 25 per cent back of the 100 per cent rise of my power bill in the next 10 years? Not good enough Malcolm. I think a class action against unrealistic bill rises is in order, seeing as Malcolm won't do anything.

Craig Burden, Hamilton