Newcastle Herald Short Takes: Monday, December 4, 2017

THE lack of empathy and sensitivity of some Novocastrians is breath taking. I believe the East End residents, by courtesy of the Newcastle City Council and Supercars, have been traumatised. For many residents it has been a very tough year. I believe many residents will have lasting negative effects, including both financial and personal. Less than a week after the Supercars debacle, another group wants to "use" the East End. This time it is the runners, admittedly a lot less toxic event than Supercars, but nevertheless it does have the possibility of another mass invasion. I urge all Novocastrians to be aware of what the rest of us, by agreeing to Supercars, have done to the East End and its residents. Leave the East End alone so they can rebuild their lives. I believe they have had enough.

Henry Wellsmore, Carey Bay

I'M sure the ratepayers of Newcastle would be happy to supply the council with a list of things they'd like  $1.6 million spent on, it wouldn't be a Ferris wheel or a fountain. I'll start the list with a request for repairs to the damaged and uneven pavements in my area which are a trip hazard.

Ann Ellis, Merewether

I FIND it humorous when the religious regime says same sex marriage would undermine the sanctity of marriage. Heterosexual marriage has been doing just that for many years, with murder, child abuse, domestic violence, and sexual abuse. A great deal of damage to love has been done by making a sin of it by these so called Christians.

Richard Ryan, Summerland Point

READING and watching the media I've come to the conclusion that the abusers of women actually despise women, not just exploit them (‘Cleaning up the mess’, Herald Weekender, 2/12). They seem to display contempt and hatred, it's more than just sexualised behaviour. I'm sure a psychologist could explain this obsessive behaviour.

Mary Bourke, Weston

AS Donald Trump continues to back himself into a corner and putting millions of people in unnecessary harm’s way with his school yard taunts and threats to North Korea, I believe it is the obligation of journalists, that when publishing headline news casts of his latest threats, also add what the consequences of such a preemptive action he threatens with, would have on millions of people in Seoul, Tokyo and North East Asia where tens of thousands of US personnel are stationed. The threat of terrorism would be a tea party compared to how the world would be changed forever if such politically irresponsible threats were – one way or the other – triggered. It is in no one’s interest to egg this bloke on.

Allan Earl, Thornton


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