Newcastle Herald Short Takes: Tuesday, January 9, 2018

REGARDING the unit plan for Adamstown (‘Unit plan for Adamstown Motel site’, Newcastle Herald, 6/1). At the moment there are numerous families living here under government emergency housing plans, some for over 12 months. Where will these people go and what becomes of social housing issue? This should be high priority on local council’s radar and not filling their own pockets.

Michael Casey, Merewether

YOU are a very funny man Steve Barnett (Short Takes, 29/12/17). What I don’t get is how you know those "monstrous bums" are from Sydney. When I go to the beach I make a point of swimming near those big’uns in the hope any shark cruising by has already had its appetiser.

Dave McTaggart, Edgeworth

SPLENDID idea Neil Meyers (Short Takes, 6/1). Not sure, however, if the public is ready for a butcher and a barman to shock the public with anatomy. That's not for the faint-hearted. The long and short of it, indecent exposure would be given a whole new meaning.

Brad Hill, Singleton

CRAIG Gardiner (Short Takes, 6/1) please do not mention that there is enough tarmac near Nobbys beach for a small airport. That may lead to tenders being called to build a small airport there. It would have to be closed each November though.

Meryl Pickles, Macquarie Hills

WHAT a fabulous, brave young woman you are Kassandra Long (‘I was told I was wrong’, Herald, 6/1). But how can he only get eight years and able to be reduced? Let him rot in jail, I say!

Sandra Mercer, Elermore Vale

IN regards to the land and housing NSW Housing is looking to flog off to the highest bidder in Light Street: I think this puts a lower value on these people and enforces the view that they are treated differently. Considering they have been created and allowed to fester into the crime-riddled social disaster ghetto housing estates, will NSW Housing be held accountable? I'm still waiting for review regarding what I would call the fire death traps that these buildings are.

Mark Sheerin, Hamilton South

TO Brad Hill, don’t blame Dan Kirkpatrick for his views (Short Takes, 8/1). The north Karuah-ns have become hermits since progress forced the highway to bypass North Karuah. I think people like Dan have been brainwashed into believing in the green gods and can’t come to terms with the fact mining is good for humanity.

Steve Barnett, Fingal Bay

DID Tony Troughear really see ants absconding with his toenail clippings (‘Tony’s toenails’, Herald Topics, 8/1), or had he been assessing some brews with a little too much enthusiasm? You can't trust photographic evidence these days.

Reg Howes, Valentine


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