Clever promotion of Newcastle shop at

Topics loves a good marketing idea, like this one for a new shop planned in Union Street in Newcastle.

Check out the website and you’ll find these comments: “I will be opening a brand new concept in Newy soonish. I would like to play a little game before the opening of the store. Try to guess what kind of shop I'm opening. The first person to guess will be given one week’s unlimited supply for you and up to three of your friends to enjoy”.

But supply of what exactly? That is the question.

The shop’s owner Lucas Moge told Topics he didn’t think anyone would guess what he has in store.

“It’s a very unique shop. I’ve never seen the concept in Newcastle, Australia or America,” Lucas, 27, said. 

Lucas ran the idea past friends, who urged him to “go for it”.

He said the shop would be open late. He wanted it to be an energetic place, but also a spot where people “chill and relax”.

“It won’t be a boring shop, otherwise I’ll get bored myself. It’ll be fun, entertaining and different.”

Lucas is hoping to open the shop in a couple of months, once he gets council approval.

Talking a Good Game

Speaking of clever marketing ideas, check out this logo for a new soccer team called Central Coast United.

This logo for a new soccer club has attracted lots of discussion.

This logo for a new soccer club has attracted lots of discussion.

The team will play in Football NSW’s State League.

The skull and crossbones has plenty of people in the football community talking.

Some have likened it to heavy metal bands and motorcycle gangs, but plenty of people like its unique quality as a sports logo.

The club is on the lookout for players. Topics reckons there’d be quite a few Newcastle boys keen to cross the border.

Taste of Honey

Topics wrote on Monday about an expert who rated Hunter Valley semillon as the best Australian wine.

Gary Vaynerchuk, who was dubbed the “wine maestro” because he ran a successful website called Wine Library TV, pinpointed Hunter Valley semillon as “uniquely Australian”.

Topics reported about how we had pronounced semillon as it was spelt, but a bottle-shop worker had told us that the French pronunciation was “semeyon”.

Tyrrell’s Wines senior area manager Linda Evans contacted Topics about the article.

Linda assured us that it was OK to pronounce semillon as it was spelt.

“You can say it either way,” she said.

Ahh thanks Linda, we feel much better.

Linda told us there were two different styles of semillon.

“There’s the young fresh style or the aged style,” she said.

“The aged Hunter Valley semillon is unique. It develops a real honeyed taste.”