Sacred Earth will perform in Newcastle on Friday, November 10

In modern life, many of us are stressed, overworked, mortgage-strangled wage slaves.

But within this world, some take a different path. Take for instance, the music duo Sacred Earth – who will perform in Newcastle on Friday, November 10.

We’re listening to their music as we write this and we’re blissing out like a Buddhist monk smoking a peace pipe [that’s a metaphor, people – Topics opposes smoking].

We asked Sacred Earth member Jethro Williams if it’s possible to be blissed-out all the time because we’d quite like to be.

“For a select few in the world, this will be a reality,” Jethro said.

“It’s definitely a possibility for all people. Although for many, seeking the bliss can be similar to chasing the rainbow’s end, a never-ending journey and ultimately a distraction from the real everyday work of finding true peace.

“I believe in learning to live at peace with everyday life in its ordinariness and practising more kindness in everyday situations. This is an attainable goal for all people and is without a doubt going to bring more bliss and happiness to our lives.”

Jethro said that he and his wife and musical partner Prem Williams “gave up life as touring musicians almost 20 years ago”.

“We were looking for more meaning to our life than the typical Australian music lifestyle,” he said.

“We were both practising meditation and yoga. We decided to become yoga teachers. This decision led us to discover a new way of sharing music, music that became a vehicle for inner connection for both us and the listener, thus Sacred Earth was born.”

So what does he think of the stressed-out nature of modern life? 

“Every era has had its challenges and today’s is no different. I think we as Australians have more tools and opportunities available to us than ever before to help us navigate the daily challenges of life.

“The way we live is a choice. Either conscious or unconscious, it is up to us. We as individuals need to make the choice to live in harmony and peace and seek out practices, people and environments that support that way of being.”

It’s now time for Topics to head off for a massage. We’ll be sure to keep Sacred Earth’s music playing in the background. Now, where are those incense candles?!

Sacred Earth will perform at Sensom Health & Wellbeing at Lambton on Friday at 7.30pm.

Buddhist Jokes

Why did the Buddhist coroner get fired? He kept marking the cause of death as birth.

What did the Buddhist say to the pizza chef? “Make me one with everything.”

So the pizza chef prepares it and gives it to the monk. The monk pays him and asks for the change.

The pizza chef says: “Change comes from within.”

A zen student asks his master: “Is it OK to use email?”

“Yes”, replied the master, “but with no attachments.”

 A student is on one side of a raging river. There are no bridges. He has no boat. He shouts out to the master on the opposite bank. “How do I get to the other side?” The master shouts back: “You are on the other side.”

A Bug’s Life

This from former Herald journalist Lily Ray on Facebook: “RIP to the bug that exploded on impact on the surface of my eyeball this morning on my ride to work.”