Master continues tradition


Precious work: Jason McCulloch’s workshop is fully equipped to carry out jewellery manufacturing, from handmade pieces, to restorations, to repairs.
Precious work: Jason McCulloch’s workshop is fully equipped to carry out jewellery manufacturing, from handmade pieces, to restorations, to repairs.


Jason McCulloch Manufacturing Jewellers, at 253 Brunker Road, Adamstown, specialises in the design, manufacture, remodelling and repair of fine jewellery.

Jason is a local, trade-qualified jeweller who has spent almost 30 years mastering his craft. In 2018 his company will celebrate 21 years in business. Experience counts.

With two Master jewellers, two trainees, Jason’s wife Michelle, who is a qualified diamond grader, and shop staff with over 60 years combined experience in jewellery retail, Jason’s team boast great collective knowledge and passion. Manufacturing jewellery by hand, resizing rings, restoring old pieces, soldering broken chains, replacing lost stones – everything is done on site. 

“It’s one of our strengths,” Jason explained. “Our customers can talk to qualified jewellers in person. 

“The way we shape, and form metal is similar to a blacksmith’s workshop, only on a much smaller scale.

“We use traditional methods like hammering and beating the metals as well the latest technological innovations like CAD for more complex creations.”

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Every day brings something different.  For example,   a customer lost her ring in the garden and her husband hit it with the lawn mower. Jason was   able to get it to a point where it was wearable. 

“It gave me great satisfaction that we were able to repair it rather than replace it,” Jason said. “No need to abandon something of sentimental value and quality when you can repair it and enjoy wearing it for many more years to come.”  

Jason also does bespoke work, designing and making new pieces from scratch, remodelling of family heirlooms and melting down unworn pieces to create entirely new ones. 

“It might be your grandmother’s ring that’s had a lifetime of wear, it can be redesigned into a dress ring or even an engagement ring, giving it another lifetime.” Jason said. “Each piece is unique and we can analyse it and advise what is possible.”

Jason encounters pieces sometimes 150 years old, sometimes just a few years old, however, from his many years of experience in the business one thing is clear;

“Handmade jewellery lasts longer than mass produced, due to the quality of manufacture and materials,” he said. “That’s why engagement and wedding rings are one of our specialties. Those pieces need to stand the test of time.”  

Jason can also help you maintain your jewellery.

“We suggest you have your jewellery inspected and given a professional clean and polish every 12 months,” he said. “As trade qualified jewellers we can do this for you. It keeps pieces looking nice and you can keep on top of any potential issues.” 

To get in touch with Jason, ring 4957 1610, or visit his premises at 253 Brunker Road, Adamstown.