Santa Claus arrives at Westfield Kotara on Sunday

SIX weeks out from Christmas, it’s not too late to get on Santa Claus’ good list.

“Young ladies and fellas just need to help mum and dad, keep their rooms neat and tidy, eat vegetables, brush their teeth, go to bed early and be good at school for the rest of this year,” Westfield Kotara’s Santa Claus said.

The self described “jolly and boisterous” gift giver will be joined by Mrs Claus when he participates on Sunday in the centre’s 9.30am parade, which culminates in him nestling in for the start of thousands of photos.

“Last year I got mobbed, there were kids grabbing my legs,” he said of the parade.

“Every year for 17 years it’s just gotten busier. We have one young lady who comes from Melbourne and another young fella who comes from England each year.” 

Centre management said it received hundreds of calls starting in October asking when the man in red would arrive.

Mr Claus said some children in recent years have asked for peace.

“If I could grant them that, it would be my best wish.”